burn the stash

 Very tempting to do after getting most of it cataloged into Ravelry along with photos in Flickr.

So far 41 pictures in the sock yarn folder and I’m sure I’m missing a couple . . . so lets call it enough yarn for 45 pairs of socks.   Sweater amounts of yarn were definately fewer and mostly kid sweater amounts . . . 16 total . . . 2 in amounts for sweaters for me . . . maybe 5 average adult sweaters of various types . . . 9 or so in kids amounts.  The rest of the stash is mostly in ones and twos, sure there may be a four or five here or there, but mostly it’s ones and twos. 

What the heck am I going to do with all those singles.  Yes, I have One-Skein Wonder and several other books with small projects but I could be knitting hats, scarves and mitts until I’m 60.  Guess I could do a couple of Baby Surprise Jackets and tuck them away for gifts, same with the hats, scarves, and mitts.

But, really, almost half the stash?  I guess the thing that sucks it that almost all of those ones/twos/threes were purchased for specific projects.  This all goes back to the “talks a big game, follow through sucks”. *sigh*



3 thoughts on “burn the stash

  1. Congratulations on facing the stash! Obviously, your skeins have been, um… to put it delicately, self-propegating. Recommended strategies for this problem vary depending on whom you ask, but consider a) putting 6 inches between each skein to limit comingling or b) deliberately encourage yarn develoment and put complimentary skeins together in a paper bag and leave undisturbed for 3-4 months. This should be enough time for them to, uh, get their groove on.
    Also, if all else fails, remember that I have more wool than you. I’m sure of it. Probably you and Em combined, maybe with T’s stash thrown in, too. 😉

  2. I feel your pain. I love me some one or two skeins of a pretty yarn. Have you been over to Pat’s knitting and Quilting blog in the last day or two? She made an awesome pair of convertible glove/mitts from two skeins of Kureyon. Gorgeous and very doable for gifts. 🙂

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