so, what happened?

Yesterday’s post got me thinking . . . what happened?  What was all that yarn for?  Why didn’t I ever use it?  So, let’s take a look at some of the stash. 

 Lorna's Laces Jungle Stripe

Lorna’s Laces Jungle Stripe.  This, along with a skein of black Opal, was for the 6Sox KAL, Oct/Nov 2005.  Never started.

Merino Style - Fog  Merino Style - Pine

Knit Picks Merino Style in Pine and Fog.  “We Call Them Pirates” hat for Hubby.  Poor Hubby, no hat.

 Plymouth Tweed

Plymouth Tweed.  Also for a hat for Hubby, just before casting on Hubby made a comment about not wanting a boring gray hat.  *sigh*  No, he didn’t know I was about to make him a classic gray hat that would go with anything, but still no hat for Hubby. 

 Ultra Alpaca

Ultra Alpaca.  Purchased last winter for a hat for me, had other projects that needed finishing, never cast on.

 DSCF3474 DSCF3477 DSCF3475 DSCF3476 Sonata.  These coordinating yarns were purchased to make a color-blocked sweater for Bug.  She grew, now I don’t have enough yarn to make the sweater and the dye lots have changed.

 Streamers - purple/pink

Ironstone Yarns Streamers.  Purchased on clearance for a cute purse in a magazine.  After reading the pattern I really didn’t like how it was constructed.  Pretty yarn but no clue what to do with it now, so into the stash.

WOA - asparagus

Knit Picks Wool of the Andes, this was purchased for the Samus KAL from the Fall 05 Knitty.  Knit a swatch, then panicked, wasn’t ready to knit a sweater for myself and doubted how flattering it would be.  I have used some of the yarn for some charity knitting, but still have more than enough for a sweater for Bug and maybe one for Bubba, too.

There are yarns from the deal I just couldn’t pass up or the store closing sale or the retail therapy sock yarn.  Some of the stash will go on the sell/trade page in Ravelry, some will go out in the garage sale (most of that didn’t even make it onto Ravelry)  Actually, more than half the yarn could go and I wouldn’t mind, I am attached to some of it for various reasons but the rest . . . eh.



3 thoughts on “so, what happened?

  1. Ginger – I think each of these purchases represent an intention to care for/nurture others. It’s ok that the timing ended up not being right. It’s ok to let them go without guilt. The ultra alpaca still wants to be your hat. It likes the pattern of the white hat you just finished. I’m rooting for you! – Betty

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