I stopped by my LYS for a cup of tea and a bit of knitting today.  While at the store I saw several knitter friends and chatted a bit with Ellen, she may have even gotten me to sign up for a Peace Fleece KAL at the shop in January.  I cast on a sweater vest for Bubba, from stash, it’s nice to not have “Mom, mom, mom . . . mooooom!” when trying to count over one hundred.

I usually go to the LYS on Saturday, but yesterday we went to Emma’s for a fun filled fiber fest.  Hubby had to work so I was only able to go for a couple of hours.  I played with her drum carder for a bit and carded up these alpaca batts from some fiber I bought this summer.

Alpaca batts

The cinnamon fiber was quite nice but the gray was a bit of a mess, second cuts, lots of vm, you get the idea.  I only bought a couple of ounces of each, next time I’ll be sure to check them more carefully.  Live and learn.


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