holiday knitting madness

I was innocently reading thru my usual blogs when I came across one of the Yarn Harlot’s latest post.  In that post is a great simple hat, chunky and cabley, quick to knit, and oh so cute. 

I headed over to BMFA to browse the yarns and find a couple colorways that would be perfect for hubby’s niece, my aunt and my cousin.  Okay, $20/skein x 3 skeins, no problem.  Then it dawns on me, I could make matching mittens in the STR!  Hmm, that puts it at more like $40-50 per person and I’d have to knit three hats and three pairs of mittens.  Okay, that’s still doable.  The more I browsed, the more people I wanted to add to the list . . . and the more un-doable the list became.

I’ve now come back to reality and I’m back to one hat/mitten set and . . . I don’t know.  This could be a little more crazy leaking out.


4 thoughts on “holiday knitting madness

  1. Put the mouse down, and back away from the computer.

    You going to Tina’s Stash Sale this weekend? 😉 We’re headed down bright and early Saturday morning….

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