why yes . . .

 . . . I have been knitting.  I’ve been working on a sweater vest, nothing ground breaking, but a fun little knit. 

KPS Vest

Haven’t been spinning much lately, though.  Finished up the 4oz of Candy Corn BFL (at least I think it’s BFL) but haven’t started the brown roving to ply with it.  Did the prep on the Spook Targhee, but haven’t even set up the wheel since then.  It’s ok though, I seem to go thru this, spin or knit, not both, and right now it’s the knitting.

I have been thinking about getting out the knitting machine, it’s my Aunt’s and it’s been in my garage for too long.  Need to figure the thing out and see if I can create anything on it.



2 thoughts on “why yes . . .

  1. Funny, I’ve been thinking about firing up my knitting machine as well. It’s a Brother 910. I bought it off eBay probably 8 years ago and have never used it except to try it out when I first got it. I went to use it last summer and found it needs a new sponge bar before I can do any knitting on it. Most machines have one – it holds the needles down. And most old machines have been stored with it in place, which is bad because it stays compressed and dries out. There’s a yahoo knitting machine group and they have instructions on how to refurbish one using foam weather stripping, which is what I’m going to do. Less than $5 for weather stripping, a little glue, and some ribbon is far cheaper than $28 plus shipping from an online seller who’s had less than stellar reviews.

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