looking back

I was looking back in the blog archives and I discovered that a year ago today my Saturday knitting group at VYT started meeting, mostly by accident.  Last fall I started going to VYT on Saturday mornings to have a cuppa and knit, by myself.  One Saturday Annie and Terri arrived, they had been knitting down at Third Place but with the holidays approaching Third Place was getting a bit loud, so they migrated up to VYT.  I knew Annie from the Thursday morning knitting group, so we all sat together and knit and drank tea.  The rest as they say is history.

This group has become my sanity, I’m a sahm and once a week I get to go out, by myself, and spend time talking to adults.  Adults who I don’t have to remind to blow their noses, or to wash their hands, or tell them to stop jumping on the furniture, or ask them if they need to ‘make tinkle in the potty’.  Heaven on earth!

It has been a wonderful year, we have added many knitters to our group, some are regulars and some come and go as they can.  I love meeting new knitters, and spinners.  This group is the reason I started spinning, darn them.  I can’t wait to see what this group looks like a year from now.



4 thoughts on “looking back

  1. It’s only been a year? Holy cow why did it feel like longer? (in a good way of course).
    Saturday knitting has been my salvation this last year, getting out of the house each week for “me” time has made things so much more bearable.
    I love you all.

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