mitten mitten

who’s go the mitten . . . pattern?  I finished An Unoriginal Hat, by the Yarn Harlot, tonight.  It still needs to be soaked and blocked, so no pictures yet. 

Now I want to knit a pair of mittens to go with it.  My Aunt is going to Alaska, this week, to visit my Uncle.  I want to make her some warm mittens to go with the hat, it’s cold in Alaska.  My first thought was thrummed mitten, very warm, but possibily too warm once she gets back home.  Second thought lined mittens.  Oh, now that’s a good idea (if I do say so myself) and I have some frog tree alpaca that would be all soft and warm and cozy.  Okay, so now what.  I’ve gone thru books, I’ve Googled and Raveled and eventually found a reference to lining mittens on Hello Yarn so I’m going to wing it and see what happens. 

I mean, really, what could go wrong? 




One thought on “mitten mitten

  1. Hmmm . . . Murphy’s Law states . . . Well, maybe I’d better not say anything about deadlines impacting mental ability to “wing it.”

    Actually, I can’t wait to see how they turn out. I’ve made the thrummed mittens but having 4 kids, we go through mittens in winter like Nicole Ritchie goes through money – except my mitten supply isn’t inexhaustible. Any tricks to making mittens warmer is a good thing.

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