let the kid sleep

I know, I missed 3 days, but I went 14 before the lapse and that’s pretty good for me.  Life has been life, Hubby had a b’day, MIL was back in the hospital (she is in a rehab center now, again), my parents got back from a road trip across country, and we finally bought a new dishwasher.  See, life.

On the knitting front I am almost done with the vest, ribbing on one armhole left to go.  Saturday I spent 2 hours knitting the ribbing on the other armhole, I cannot count to two apparently and had to keep tinking back the k2p2 ribbing.  Did I mention that the stitches had already been picked up, all I had to do was knit the ribbing, six rows, pathetic.

Tonight I cast-on some socks for Bug.  The yarn was purchased from Emma at DragonFibers, and the colorway is called Eight Nights.  After casting on and knitting a couple of inches it seemed that the sock was too big.  Since Bug was asleep I couldn’t check, or could I?  Now if I were a bad mother I would go into her room with a measuring tape and measure her long skinny feet while she slept, with the possibility of waking her from a sound sleep.  Yeah, okay, I’m a bad mother.  And, yes, I do need to rip out the sock and cast on fewer stitches, oh well.


2 thoughts on “let the kid sleep

  1. Bad mothers do not knit pretty socks (and sweaters and such). Bad mothers knit underwear, in wool, with their names across the backside in case they get lost.

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