dishcloth madness

 This Thanksgiving weekend I succumbed to Dishcloth Madness.  I took up the challange to knit ten dishcloths by the end of December in the Reclaiming the Home group on Ravelry.  After the first dishcloth, knit on Thanksgiving day, I seemed to lose my mind and so far I have knit nine and the tenth is on the needles right now.  All I want to knit is washcloths!  I already know the next three I want to knit, what is wrong with me?!

Dishcloth 2:10     Dishcloth 3:10     Dishcloth 4:10

Dishcloth 5:10     Dishcloth 6:10     Dishcloth 7:10     Dishcloth 8:10

top to bottom, l to r:
1) Ballband in Sugar’n Cream Stripes (Tie Dye) and Lion Cotton? (lavendar)
2) Chinese Waves in Lion Cotton? (lavendar)
3) Ballband in Sugar’n Cream (Jute) and Lion Cotton (red)
4) Ballband in Sugar’n Cream (White, Hot Orange, pink, yellow)
5) Ballband knit during the Seahawks game in *gasp* Seahawks colors
Lion Cotton and Sugar’n Cream
6) Garterlac in Sugar’n Cream (Lazy Daisy)
7) 4 Corners in Sugar’n Cream ( Creamsicle)


2 thoughts on “dishcloth madness

  1. Oh, how pretty. You know, a stack of warshcloths, coordinating colors, but different patterns. What a lovely ‘extra’ gift to have at the house around the holiday time. You have given me a idea…

    There are a few people I exchange small gifts with, and that would be just the perfect thing.

    Thank you!

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