over the hump

. . . I think.

I am no longer making dish/washcloths at a frantic pace and I even finished a sock, knit a pair of slippers for Hubby, and started slippers for the kids.  I think this a step in the right direction. 

pile'o slippers

Hubby’s slippers, pre-felting, are so big that when I put my hand into them they reach my elbow.  

The obsession started over at the Ravelry group Reclaiming the Home, a challange was issued to knit ten dishcloths by the end of December.  Since Thanksgiving, when I started the challange, I have knit twenty-one.  Yes, that’s right, TWENTY-ONE!  They are so addictive; great for playing with color combos and patterns, and so quick to knit.  So, here are the rest of the dishcloths . . .

My creation 


2 thoughts on “over the hump

  1. Darn… I’m too late! I had visions of setting up a little ‘knitting addicts curiosity show.’ I’d be on display as ‘bites off more than she can chew,’ knitting 3 stitches on each of my projects in turn, and I pictured you next to me as ‘the amazing dishcloth producer.’ Incidentally, Em was to be a mummy-esque version of the human sock yarn skeiner. Hmmm… not only am I too late, I may have gone off the deep end as well!

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