the scaventure

Sorry I haven’t been posting lately, but there has been has been lots of family drama and I just haven’t felt comfortable posting about it.  There has been quite a bit of knitting going on, especially of the sock variety, and I will be posting about that soon. 

But, first, in the “no good deed goes unpunished” theme, let me tell you about my evening.  About an hour before the boy’s bus was due to drop him off yesterday, my SIL called, “(the pharmacy) just called and they need me to pick up some medication for Mom, now, could you do it for me?”  Cuz, see, she’s so busy and important.  Yes, ok, I’ll do it.  Bug and I load into the car and drive down there, we have just enough time to get the meds, drop them off with MIL and get back in time to meet the bus.  The prescriptions weren’t ready, wouldn’t be ready for 30 min, and they aren’t sure who called SIL, because, “gee, that’s strange.”  No, I don’t have time to wait, thank you very much, so back home we go to meet the bus. 

The boy gets home, back we go to the pharmacy, this time we go to the drive-through.  (hint: it’s been more than 30 min)  The prescriptions were ready, sort of, there was a problem with one of them so they had to refill it.  Okay, we wait, and wait, with two kids in the car.  Finally get the meds and take them over to MIL, drop them off, talk for a couple of minutes, but need to get the kids home and fed.  Out to the car, unlock the car . . . and the key gets stuck in the door lock.  The key that makes the car go.  The only key I have.  The only other key is up on the pass with hubby, at work.  *sigh*

Kids back out of the car, back inside, call a locksmith.  It would be ~30 minutes until he got there.  So, I get to entertain two hungry children while we wait, in the lobby of an assisted living community.  Good times.  About an hour later, and $85 poorer, the key was removed from the lock and we headed home.

When telling the story to Hubby this morning Bug told him we had a ‘scaventure’ last night. 

“Don’t you mean an adventure?”

“No, it’s a scaventure because it wan’t fun.”

Amen, honey.


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