look . . . spinning

 I bet you all had just about given up on ever seeing any fiber content on this blog again.  Well, I fooled you . . . right? . . . no? You mean you all knew I was just a slacker and eventually I would post again?  Okay, that works too.

I signed up for the Tour de Fleece (ravelry), (there is another one, but this is the one I found out about first, so, whatever) and I’ve actually been spinning.  I KNOW, I’m shocked too.

Stages 1-5: July 5-9

Alpaca Merino batts purchased at Black Sheep Gathering 2008. The batts actually had quite a fewnoils/second cuts (or the merino wasn’t treated quite as gently as it likes to be).

alpace/merino batts


Stages 6-9: July 10-13

Finished spinning the DragonFibers Merino/Bamboo, I had prolly finished 1oz of the 4 before the start of Tour de Fleece.

Sunset - merino/bamboo


Stage 10 and Rest Day 1: July 14-15

I thought the first rest day was on Monday, so I took Monday off, then I took Tuesday off, cuz, well, it was a rest day.

Stages 11- 14: July 16-19

Spun up 2 bobbins of Romney to ply with a previously spun hand dyed roving.

DSCF4885  DSCF4886

Stage 15: July 20th

Ply and wash the Alpaca/Merino.  A bit ‘rustic’ but I like it.

tour de fleece: alpaca-merino

Rest Day 2: July 21st

Already took 2 rest days so went ahead and spun today.

Ply the Merino/Bamboo and realize that the plying was very sloppy so you have to run it through again.

Stage 16: July 22nd

Re-ply and wash Merino/Bamboo.


Resulting yarn is a Sport wt. and ~360 yards.


4 thoughts on “look . . . spinning

  1. This is all beautiful stuff. Congratulations of so much quality spinning time! Now, so I don’t feel jealous, it’s time to spin something hideous or really ugly.

  2. Lovely, lovely stuff! I’m just starting to get my spinning mojo back after a months long hiatus, seeing yours is inspiring.

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