road trip

Yesterday we rented this cute little car


and headed north over the Golden Gate Bridge to the MiB Collection Showroom.  Now, let me just say, that if you are plus size fat it can be hard to get good quality clothing and if you are really fat, forget about it.  MiB is the exception, but then you are ordering clothes from a catalog or the internet and crossing your fingers that they fit and are flattering when they arrive so you don’t have to do the exchange thing. It was nice to go into the showroom try on everything. The drive was lovely, especially through farm country.

On the way home we stopped to snap a few pictures of the bridge.



After returning to the city we took a trip down Jennifer’s memory lane and visited her old stomping grounds, it has been a while since she left San Francisco so the phrase “hmmm, let’s see” was used quite often while looking at the map.

Oh, and it’s possible that I bought some new clothes.


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