the wine train

We knew Wednesday was going to start early so we ordered breakfast the night before to be delivered to the room . . . I highly recommend this.

in room dining

We headed out to catch the 8am ferry. We asked the doorman to hail us a cab, but instead he asked had the hotel town car drive us to the ferry terminal . . . I also recommend this. We arrived in plenty of time to purchase our tickets and get to the ferry gate.

ferry gate

The weather looked a little threatening, but since we would be inside for most of the day, we weren’t too worried.

bay bridge

The ferry ride to Vallejo was uneventful and when we arrived we were picked up by Steve of Platypus Tours. What a kick! He entertained us all the way to the train station in Napa.

After a wine tasting in the station, we boarded the train. We were seated in the dome car.

the dome car

Dinner was amazing.

Yam Raviolli

The soup was so good I didn’t even get a picture!

Beef Tenderloin

Pear Tart

The Napa Vally Wine Train . . . highly recommended!

Napa Wine Train

3 thoughts on “the wine train

  1. ohhh i have made that wine trip a few times now, it just never ceases to amaze me how beautiful a trip that is.
    i am so glad you went ….that whole region is wonderful and the wine Lovely.
    Ginger thanks for shareing your great pictures with us all….
    Ps i adore those lemon drops 😛


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