the bee yard

the bee yard by SewCrafty

Went out to check on the bees today, this was my first time checking the hive by myself  since the rest of the family is out of town.  I found the feeder empty, but the top deep box was heavy with honey. You can see the honey capped with white wax, below.

hello girls

Now the deeps are supposed to be for brood, I guess they didn’t get the memo.  The bottom box had quite a bit of larva, mostly capped, but I didn’t see any eggs, then again I didn’t remember to bring my glasses. It’s a bitch getting old. I also didn’t see the queen, which is concerning since I didn’t see any eggs, but I was a bit twitchy doing this all alone and may have missed her.

I added a honey super, and as I was refilling the feeder I heard talking.  Turned around to see neighbors on their deck watching the crazy woman in the bee suit me working the hive, they didn’t look mad so I waved, they waved back.  I closed up the hive, will go back and check again for eggs and the queen in a few days.


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