where has the time gone?

Well, last you saw me MIL was hospitalized, Dad was going in for brain surgery and I was knitting my fingers to the bone.  MIL is doing better, she’s in a recovery center . . . ummm . . . recovering.  Dad had his surgery and came out of this one better than the last, yay. 

Bubba brought home a cold/flu two weeks before dad’s surgery and I got it the week before.  I went into panic mode and after mega doses of vitamin C, Musinex, and Tylenol I was well enough to be at the hospital for the surgery, but no the blanket didn’t get finished in time.  The next plan is to give it to him for his birthday in a week and a half . . . hmmm . . . maybe Father’s Day.  It’s only about 50% done.

Dad's blanket - almost half done

Hmmm, what else?

All my knitting friends went away for a retreat, but I had to back out since it was the week of Dad’s surgery, maybe next year. 

Oh, I started a chicken blog, because the world needs more chicken blogs.  hehe.


yarn goodness

This arrived yesterday (mouseover to see what’s inside):

I know, you’re shocked! Me, buy yarn? Never happens! Umm, yeah. Of course the whole box of yarn wasn’t for me, half was for Emma. In fact I just got back from dropping off her yarn. This yarn is for me, for Dad’s blanket:


I started Dad’s blanket last night (using layout C) and so far so good.  I am quite happy with the yarn, it is soft, has a nice twist, the colors are even but not at all flat and knits up into a nice squishy fabric.  It reminds me of Cascade 220 Superwash, but a bit softer.  I have split a couple of stitches using my ultra pointy Addi Lace needles, I think if I were using a blunter needle this wouldn’t be a problem. 



I did a bit of number crunching and I am beginning to doubt my ability to finish this blanket in a timely manner.  The stitch count came out over 136,000, not including the i-cord binding.  eeep!

i've been thinking

. . . about my knitting/fiber goals for next year. With only 10 days left in 2007 it is apparent that some of my goals for 2007 will not be realized (no, I’m not going to make it easy for you and link to my list of 2007 failuresgoals) and that perhaps I should go for more general goals in 2008.

  • Knit sweaters:  I already have several ready to cast on. (Peace Fleece KAL, at VYT, cardigan for mom; yellow Peace Fleece cardigan for Bug, Kauni, handspun sweater, Laughing Carrots, EZ colorwork sweater)
  • Steek:Eeek, a steek! This one is a bit scarey for me, but if I do knit up Kauni or the EZ cardigan this year, well, there’s a steek.
  • Spin a fleece:  This is a big one, but I have four fleeces waiting to be spun up and I keep buying hand dyed roving from my friend the roving pusher. Must spin more.
  • Knit socks: Once again, sock yarn stash, must knit socks.  If I keep a pair on the needles all the time socks will be knit.
  • Shawl or wrap: And again I have the yarn and patterns for several projects waiting, and waiting, to be cast on. Swallowtail (or Mermaid Wrap) in Handmaiden Sea Silk, Touring Wrap in Fleece Artist Suri Blue, Juno Regina (or Estonian Garden Wrap) in Elann Pure Alpaca Fina, Victorian Shoulderette in Wolf Creek Wools Alpaca (or Silky Wool).

I’m sure I’ll think of something else, but I think this is a good start.

over the hump

. . . I think.

I am no longer making dish/washcloths at a frantic pace and I even finished a sock, knit a pair of slippers for Hubby, and started slippers for the kids.  I think this a step in the right direction. 

pile'o slippers

Hubby’s slippers, pre-felting, are so big that when I put my hand into them they reach my elbow.  

The obsession started over at the Ravelry group Reclaiming the Home, a challange was issued to knit ten dishcloths by the end of December.  Since Thanksgiving, when I started the challange, I have knit twenty-one.  Yes, that’s right, TWENTY-ONE!  They are so addictive; great for playing with color combos and patterns, and so quick to knit.  So, here are the rest of the dishcloths . . .

My creation 

dishcloth madness

 This Thanksgiving weekend I succumbed to Dishcloth Madness.  I took up the challange to knit ten dishcloths by the end of December in the Reclaiming the Home group on Ravelry.  After the first dishcloth, knit on Thanksgiving day, I seemed to lose my mind and so far I have knit nine and the tenth is on the needles right now.  All I want to knit is washcloths!  I already know the next three I want to knit, what is wrong with me?!

Dishcloth 2:10     Dishcloth 3:10     Dishcloth 4:10

Dishcloth 5:10     Dishcloth 6:10     Dishcloth 7:10     Dishcloth 8:10

top to bottom, l to r:
1) Ballband in Sugar’n Cream Stripes (Tie Dye) and Lion Cotton? (lavendar)
2) Chinese Waves in Lion Cotton? (lavendar)
3) Ballband in Sugar’n Cream (Jute) and Lion Cotton (red)
4) Ballband in Sugar’n Cream (White, Hot Orange, pink, yellow)
5) Ballband knit during the Seahawks game in *gasp* Seahawks colors
Lion Cotton and Sugar’n Cream
6) Garterlac in Sugar’n Cream (Lazy Daisy)
7) 4 Corners in Sugar’n Cream ( Creamsicle)

not what I was going for

dishcloth 1:10 

Another Garterlac dishcloth, designed by Dave at Criminy Jickets, this time in Sugar’n Cream Stripes.  Started and finished yesterday.

This was not the best pairing of yarn and pattern.  In my defense I had never worked with the yarn before and was thinking gradual color changes not the abrupt color changes actually in the yarn.  That teaches me for not checking Ravelry first.  I actually thought about ripping it out, but it’s only a dishcloth for goodness sakes.  

This is the first of ten by the end of December, a challenge on the Ravelry group Reclaiming the Home.

let the kid sleep

I know, I missed 3 days, but I went 14 before the lapse and that’s pretty good for me.  Life has been life, Hubby had a b’day, MIL was back in the hospital (she is in a rehab center now, again), my parents got back from a road trip across country, and we finally bought a new dishwasher.  See, life.

On the knitting front I am almost done with the vest, ribbing on one armhole left to go.  Saturday I spent 2 hours knitting the ribbing on the other armhole, I cannot count to two apparently and had to keep tinking back the k2p2 ribbing.  Did I mention that the stitches had already been picked up, all I had to do was knit the ribbing, six rows, pathetic.

Tonight I cast-on some socks for Bug.  The yarn was purchased from Emma at DragonFibers, and the colorway is called Eight Nights.  After casting on and knitting a couple of inches it seemed that the sock was too big.  Since Bug was asleep I couldn’t check, or could I?  Now if I were a bad mother I would go into her room with a measuring tape and measure her long skinny feet while she slept, with the possibility of waking her from a sound sleep.  Yeah, okay, I’m a bad mother.  And, yes, I do need to rip out the sock and cast on fewer stitches, oh well.

mitten mitten

who’s go the mitten . . . pattern?  I finished An Unoriginal Hat, by the Yarn Harlot, tonight.  It still needs to be soaked and blocked, so no pictures yet. 

Now I want to knit a pair of mittens to go with it.  My Aunt is going to Alaska, this week, to visit my Uncle.  I want to make her some warm mittens to go with the hat, it’s cold in Alaska.  My first thought was thrummed mitten, very warm, but possibily too warm once she gets back home.  Second thought lined mittens.  Oh, now that’s a good idea (if I do say so myself) and I have some frog tree alpaca that would be all soft and warm and cozy.  Okay, so now what.  I’ve gone thru books, I’ve Googled and Raveled and eventually found a reference to lining mittens on Hello Yarn so I’m going to wing it and see what happens. 

I mean, really, what could go wrong?