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broody and chicks

Hannah getting pecked by the broody while gathering chicks (all 13 of them!) to relocate them to the barn.
broody and chicks - 1 by SewCrafty

broody and chicks - 2

holy cow

Yesterday, we drove to Arlington/Stanwood to look at a miniature Irish Belted Jersey, a cross between a Dexter and a Lessor Jersey.  Our plan was to wait a year before getting a cow, and just do pigs and poultry this year, but when she showed up on Craigslist earlier this week, it seemed like a good idea to at least go have a look.

She is on the tall side for a miniature, and may actually be considered a mid-size, I’ll have to get out the tape measure to find out for sure.  She is halter trained, thank goodness, and while cautious of strangers, didn’t try to run or kick me when I touched her (she was eating some grain at the time, so I’m sure that had a lot to do with it).


She has quite a beefy shape, that’s the Dexter in her.  She is five years old and we plan to breed her to a mini Jersey for a replacement dairy heifer at some point, and we can also breed her to a Lowline Angus for a nice cow to put into the freezer.  Although she is dry now, I am so looking forward to the milk, yogurt, cheese and butter.


She is quite the pretty girl, though she needs a good bath and brushing.

. . . and you all thought I was crazy before.

we bought the farm


After eight months, the farm is finally ours. We put in our first offer in July of last year, it was a short-sale, and we waited and waited. No response from the bank because of issues with the agent representing the sellers. In December it was foreclosed on and went to auction, no bidders, then it sat, for two months. We gave up and started looking at other properties, then it popped back on the market the end of February.

We closed April 2nd.

Now that the hard part is done, all we have to do is remodel the kitchen, replace all the windows and exterior doors, replace/fix most of the interior doors, put down flooring throughout the house, repair and paint walls . . .

OMG, what have we done!