hp: ootp – hbp

I finially finished Order of the Phoenix a couple of days ago and have finally started Half-blood Prince and am about 200 pages into it.

I am so glad I re-read the first five books before starting six, especially Order of the Phoenix.


hp: gof – ootp

Finished Goblet of Fire yesterday and am about 300 pages into Order of the Phoenix.

hp: hbp

I bought the new HP book yesterday. I am so tempted to just go ahead and read it (ok, I did read the first chapter) but I handed it over to my hubby and will continue reading The Goblet of Fire. I am determined to read all five again before I read Half-blood Prince.

hp: cos

I finished Year 2, HP and the Chamber of Secrets, last night. This is a slow go for me because the HP books are my bed side table reads. I figure I won’t finish all of them before the 16th, but I will let DH read the book first and that will give me some wiggle room.