tasty little nugget

hungry kitty

tasty nugget



pinky - annoyed

“Would you stop, I’m trying to sleep!”

New! Improved!

. . . with 200% more cats.

Smokey & Pickle

Yes, I’m officially on my way to becoming a Crazy Cat Lady.

Last autumn, the mother started hanging around with one of her kittens, we called them Smokey and Bandit, and because I am such a sucker we stared feeding them. Smokey warmed up to us, eventually, and let us pet her, but Bandit was quite skittish and wouldn’t let us get near her.

Smokey & Bandit

Fast forward to the spring, Hubby heard a strange noise outside the front door. He opened the door and a group of raccoons had Smokey cornered on our front porch. She dashed inside and has been our cat ever since. We figured she had been owned by people and abandoned, as she took to being a house cat so easily, was house trained, etc. Bandit on the other had is still quite feral, she can be caught on occasion, she goes limp instead of fighting and clawing like crazy. We still put feed out for her and hope to be able to trap her to get her spayed.

Mother’s Day eve Smokey gave birth to one kitten (yes, we have an appt this week to get her spayed, now that the kitten is weaned). We knew Smokey was preggo and I had been preparing the kids for the fact that we would be finding homes for the babies, but when she had only one kitten we decided to keep the baby, and named her Pickle.

the kitten

one week


All together now, “Awwwwwwwww.”