tasty little nugget

hungry kitty

tasty nugget


where has the time gone?

Well, last you saw me MIL was hospitalized, Dad was going in for brain surgery and I was knitting my fingers to the bone.  MIL is doing better, she’s in a recovery center . . . ummm . . . recovering.  Dad had his surgery and came out of this one better than the last, yay. 

Bubba brought home a cold/flu two weeks before dad’s surgery and I got it the week before.  I went into panic mode and after mega doses of vitamin C, Musinex, and Tylenol I was well enough to be at the hospital for the surgery, but no the blanket didn’t get finished in time.  The next plan is to give it to him for his birthday in a week and a half . . . hmmm . . . maybe Father’s Day.  It’s only about 50% done.

Dad's blanket - almost half done

Hmmm, what else?

All my knitting friends went away for a retreat, but I had to back out since it was the week of Dad’s surgery, maybe next year. 

Oh, I started a chicken blog, because the world needs more chicken blogs.  hehe.

duck, duck


. . . chicken!


Bug and I went out to let the girls free range for a little bit before it got to dark.  We had to board up the door to the run so I just opened the coop door to let them out.  Patsy went up into the coop to get some food and when she saw the coop open flew out and across the yard cackling. 


Gimpy, Wynona and Naomi never did figure it out.  Poor things just watched Patsy having a grand old time out in the yard.


flew the coop

The chicks were moved out to the coop last night.  Gimpy is not amused, but dealing with it as well as can be expected.  The girls are fully feathered, the weather has been mild/warm and we just got tired of moving the chicks back and forth between the garage brooder and the chickie playpen in the yard.

chicks 6/4/2007

chick knit

It’s been two weeks since the last chick update, and boy have they grown. Soon they will be ready to move out to the coop with Gimpy.

Reba 5/22/07

Dixie 5/22/07
(Sorry for the arm, hubby was trying to
keep them from jumping off the table.)

Wynona 5/22/07
Wynona is starting to look more like a Wyatt,
we’ll have to just wait and see.

On the knitting front, I am still working on the top-down sweater for Bubba.  I should have finished this by now but I did take a break from it to knit a Magic 28 Sock and a few swatches for TKGA Master Knitting Level 1, Rebecca and I are working on it together.

This weekend was the LYS Tour.  I had no plan on touring, and for the most part I followed through on that plan.  I popped into VYT on Friday morning and ended up walking out with the tour pattern and the yarn to knit it up, Fleece Artist Suri Blue.  It is a lovely lace weight Suri Alpaca/BFL blend, yummy.  I also picked up some Addi Turbo Lace needles and a set of Amy’s stitch markers.


On the way home I decided to stop by Let it Rain, actually it is the closest LYS to me, but my heart belongs to VYT.  Let it Rain had just moved to a larger space and I had a look around.  I picked up the shop pattern, a scarf, but not the yarn for it since I have several skeins of Silky Wool in my stash.

The shop had some cute kids sweaters on display, free pattern with yarn purchase.  I bit, picked up 3 balls of Dark Horse Yarns Fantasy to make a cardigan for Bubba, I’ll have to upsize the pattern since it only goes upto a 4 and he wears a 5/6, no problem.  The Fantasy yarn is a nylon acrylic blend and very soft, I usually go for the natural fibers, but I just couldn’t resist.  I also picked up some sock yarn I had never seen before, Celestari, a 75% cotton/25% wool sock yarn.


Let it Rain also handed out a coupon for 20% off on a purchase between June 15th and August 15th. I’ll be going back.

That night I cast on the Lace Wing Scarf and have been working on it off and on all weekend.


On Saturday morning I met Rebecca at VYT out Master Knitting Support Group (ok, not really, but sort of).  When I got there they only had 4 skeins of the Suri Blue left!  I was so glad I stopped in on Friday, as I hadn’t really planned on it. They had a huge pile of the Suri Blue in a bunch of colors, poof, gone.

As Rebecca and worked on swatches more of the Saturday morning regulars arrived, along with the LYS Tourists.  We all chatted, knitted, drank tea.  Then after taking a lunch break . . . we knit some more.  So much for going to any other shops.

I should mention that while we were there on Saturday the shop received an order of ShiBui yarn.  I resisted the urge to purchase any of the beautiful sock yarn, or any of the yarns the shop had on clearance.  I was very good.  Until Sunday.  The ShiBui kept calling me, in chorus with the Silky Tweed.  I caved.


3 colors of Silky Tweed (40% off):
Blue for the Fiddle Sticks Lotus Blossom Shawl
Orangy-brown for stash
Black with red/pink flecks for the Victorian Shoulderette


Pink Opal for knee highs for Bug (35% off)
ShiBui Sock Yarn for socks for Hubby,
brown vari with burgandy heels, toes, and ribbing

chickie baby

The week has flown by and it’s time for another chick update.

Reba 5/7/07

Dixie 5/7/07
Dixie is getting her pretty buff feathers
and loosing the yellow baby fluff.

Wynona 5/7/07
Wynona – not happy about the photo shoot
and expressed her feelings about it, but I
edited those feelings out of the photo.

chick update

I am amazed at how fast the chicks are growing.  The difference between last week and this was surprising, and I see them every day.  Look at all those feathers!





Look what’s in my garage right now.


And, look what’s inside.


Three baby chicks!  I blame it all on Chrissy.  Ok, not really, but looking at those cuties oven on her EnviroMom blog got me thinking, and no good can come from that.

Hubby and I had been talking about getting a few chicks to keep Gimpy company and so we would have a few more eggs, I egg a day just isn’t cutting it for a family of four. (yes, Emma, I have your standing order for eggs) Hubby went to the feed store for chicken feed this morning and when he came home he cleaned out the brooder packed us into the car and we drove back to the feed store to get chicks.  So, now we have three little peepers.