Most of Tuesday was spent in Chinatown. The forecast was overcast in the morning and rain showers in the afternoon. Armed with umbrellas we saw the sights, we shopped, we ate, we shopped some more. It ended up raining some in the morning, but never enough to actually use the umbrellas, then the afternoon was mostly clear.

sanfrancisco 033

sanfrancisco 030

Upon returning to our room I looked out the window and realized I could see Chinatown from our room . . . I had looked out the window dozens of times and never realized.

sanfrancisco 039

In the afternoon we did a little shoe shopping, let me just say, the Macy’s and Nordstroms in Seattle have nothing on the shoe departments in San Francisco . . . heck the Macy’s women’s shoe department was a full floor of the store . . . a full floor people! We went into Bloomingdales, but I have to say that although they had all the designer names, the shoes were pretty much all the same.

sanfrancisco 034

We ended the day with a few drinks in the lounge, lemondrops . . . yummy.