so much yarn, so little time

There is so much going on in the blogsphere.

Sock Wars:  I have my target, I have my weapon and I know who is hunting me.  I have some built in lag time (time in the mail) as my assasin is in the UK, but my target is in Australia, so she has some lag time too.  I have finished the first sock without too much trouble, I only had to rip the heel and partial gusset a few times.  I know, I need to learn to read.  Can you believe some people have already put their socks in the mail, the pattern was released on Friday.  There has been one reported kill, those socks were handed off in person yesterday. 

Soctoberfest is just around the corner.  I am so excited about this one, it was so much fun last year.  I have several pairs of socks I need to knit up for the Holiday Knitting ’06 and will try to complete them in October.


For me these two go together.  Dulaan Project 2007 has been officially kicked off and I will be doing much EZ knitting for Dulaan.  I was lucky(?) enough to be able to attend the Yarn Giveaway at Ryan’s and I have plenty of super bulky yarn to knit into very warm Tomten Jackets and hats.  I was impressed with the fact that the hostesses of Zimmermania! actually contacted Meg Swansen for permisson to hold the KAL, how classy is that.

I received three EZ books for my b’day last week, very cool!  I am all set for Zimmermania! now.

On the knitting front, Quinn has been set aside while I finish the Socks of Doom for Sock Wars. I am almost done with Quinn, just have a couple of rows left on the body, then on to the 16′ of 2 stitch i-cord. Sixteen feet!


another one bites the dust

pattern:  CIC Toddler Sock 
yarn:  Kraemer Yarns Mauch Chunky – Strawberry Y1007
needles:  Clover Bamboo 5mm
notes:  Love this pattern.  Simple, fast to knit.  I knit the first sock a few months ago and then decided to knit up the second yesterday after Jenn declared this “F your O’s Week”.  One down, too many to go.  These socks will go to the Dulaan Project.

the hat

I was able to finish the hat on the way to the fair. 

pattern:  Ann Norling #55 – Head Huggers
yarn:  Marfi (?)  Stripe (I lost the ball band, but I know it was called Stripe)
needles:  Colver bamboo US8
cast on:  Aug 24th   cast off:  August 26th
notes:  If hubby had actually liked the hat (grrr) I would have ripped back the decreases and about 1/2-1″, to shorten it a bit.  Hubby did like the overall fit, he didn’t even mind the length (I did), and he liked how light it was, he just didn’t like the stripes I guess.  Oh, well, it’s not like it was a long or difficult knit.  I’ll make him one in a solid color, later.

ETA: This hat will be going to the The Dulaan Project.  Hubby doesn’t want it and it’s too big for the kidlets, although they both like it, and I really don’t feel like ripping it out and reknitting it to fit either of them. It’s not like I don’t have any more yarn with which to knit them each a hat.

look at her go

Bug has finished another hat.  This one will be for the Dulaan Project.

another hat for dulaan

details:  This hat is knit with two strands of Cascade 220, in white and pink, on the red KniftyKnitter loom.  It has a brim, which is doubled for extra warmth.  I think this will fit an infant to toddler, it has quite a bit of stretch to it.

Oh, I just had to share Bug’s outfit.


Yes, that would be a sundress, with a dress-up ‘ballerina skirt’ over the top and pink cowboy boots.  The girl has a style all her own.

. . . and another thing

I was sorting thru a pile of things and found these mittens I finished for the Dulaan Project this month.


pattern:  Dulaan Easy-on Kids Mittens
yarn: 100% superwash wool
needles: clover bamboo US6
cast-on/off: June
notes:  I like this pattern . . . very easy . . . very quick.  I will be making up several pairs I’m sure.  The only thing I will change on future pairs is the decrease at the top of the mittens.  Instead of the matched double decreases on either side I will decrease evenly around, more like a round toe on a sock.  With the decreases as they are knit the seam ends up looking a bit wonkey when you get them on an actual hand, though they look great sans-hand.


Here they are on my 6yo and you can see the ridge going up the middle of the fingers.  With the decreases more evenly spaced you wouldn’t see that, just a personal preference, I think.

Dulaan2006Button2.jpg     blue_ps.jpg

Dulaan knit-in

Yesterday, I swallowd my pride and returned to the place of my mortification.  I am so glad I did, I had such a good time and I met so many nice, local knitters; several I knew from their blogs or from KALs.  It was nice to be able to put a face to the names.

After the incident last weekend, since I had a whole ‘nother week before the knit-in, I started a small vest from the Warm Wollies pattern.  I was able to finish it at the knit-in, it would have benefitted from a bit of blocking but, all things considered, I think it turned out well.


pattern:  Warm Woolies Good Friends Cables Vest size 3-4
yarn:  Knit Picks Wool of the Andies in Asparagus, doubled
needles:  Boye Needle Master US10.5
cast on: May 20th   cast off:  May 27th
notes:  I changed the cable to one from Inspired Cable Knits, no reason in particular, just liked this one.  It would have benefitted from a good blocking, but as the party was over at 6pm and I cast off at 6:15 or so, I decided it was fine without the blocking.


We all received cute little gift bags with a button, a magnet with Dulaan the alpaca on it and a stitch marker that Ryan and TMK made.  Daughter wanted the stitch marker for fishing, I vetoed that idea.

Frankie was such a trooper with all us strangers invading her house, but she was all tuckered out by the end of the evening.