over the hump

. . . I think.

I am no longer making dish/washcloths at a frantic pace and I even finished a sock, knit a pair of slippers for Hubby, and started slippers for the kids.  I think this a step in the right direction. 

pile'o slippers

Hubby’s slippers, pre-felting, are so big that when I put my hand into them they reach my elbow.  

The obsession started over at the Ravelry group Reclaiming the Home, a challange was issued to knit ten dishcloths by the end of December.  Since Thanksgiving, when I started the challange, I have knit twenty-one.  Yes, that’s right, TWENTY-ONE!  They are so addictive; great for playing with color combos and patterns, and so quick to knit.  So, here are the rest of the dishcloths . . .

My creation 


dishcloth madness

 This Thanksgiving weekend I succumbed to Dishcloth Madness.  I took up the challange to knit ten dishcloths by the end of December in the Reclaiming the Home group on Ravelry.  After the first dishcloth, knit on Thanksgiving day, I seemed to lose my mind and so far I have knit nine and the tenth is on the needles right now.  All I want to knit is washcloths!  I already know the next three I want to knit, what is wrong with me?!

Dishcloth 2:10     Dishcloth 3:10     Dishcloth 4:10

Dishcloth 5:10     Dishcloth 6:10     Dishcloth 7:10     Dishcloth 8:10

top to bottom, l to r:
1) Ballband in Sugar’n Cream Stripes (Tie Dye) and Lion Cotton? (lavendar)
2) Chinese Waves in Lion Cotton? (lavendar)
3) Ballband in Sugar’n Cream (Jute) and Lion Cotton (red)
4) Ballband in Sugar’n Cream (White, Hot Orange, pink, yellow)
5) Ballband knit during the Seahawks game in *gasp* Seahawks colors
Lion Cotton and Sugar’n Cream
6) Garterlac in Sugar’n Cream (Lazy Daisy)
7) 4 Corners in Sugar’n Cream ( Creamsicle)

not what I was going for

dishcloth 1:10 

Another Garterlac dishcloth, designed by Dave at Criminy Jickets, this time in Sugar’n Cream Stripes.  Started and finished yesterday.

This was not the best pairing of yarn and pattern.  In my defense I had never worked with the yarn before and was thinking gradual color changes not the abrupt color changes actually in the yarn.  That teaches me for not checking Ravelry first.  I actually thought about ripping it out, but it’s only a dishcloth for goodness sakes.  

This is the first of ten by the end of December, a challenge on the Ravelry group Reclaiming the Home.

this week

I finished two hats this week.  I loved knitting both of them, the patterns, the yarn the finished product, loved the whole process.  I took pictures of them at the LYS, they have these great wooden heads for displaying hats.

Hat the First . . .

odessa II

pattern:  Odessa by Grumperina 
yarn:  Debbie Bliss Cashmerino DK
needles:  Clover Bamboo
cast-on:  Oct 20, 2007  cast-off:  Oct 22, 2007 
notes:  I ended up running out of yarn 5 rows from the end, it happens.  Luckily I had purchased 2 ball of yarn so I was able to finish without a run to the yarn shop.  The beads were purchased at Pacific Fabric.  This is the second time I have knit Odessa and it doesn’t disappoint. 

Hat the Second . . .

Autumn Spring Cap

pattern:  Spring Cap by Woolly Wormhead
yarn:  Frog Tree Alpaca Sport  
needles:  Clover Bamboo
cast-on:  Oct 25, 2007  cast-off:  Oct 27, 2007 
notes:  Another quick knit.  I held the yarn doubled and it gave me a nice warm fabric for this hat, although it has a lacey pattern it should still be quite warm with the nice fuzzy alpaca.  I will need to make one for myself soon.

pink peace


pattern:  Knitting Pure & Simple #981 Children’s Neckdown Cardigan
yarn:  Peace Fleece Worsted – Moscow Magic Pink
needles:  Clover Bamboo
cast-on:  Sept 8, 2007  cast-off:  Sept 14, 2007 
notes:  This was one quick knit.  Seven days start to finish!  I debated what size to knit and ended up knitting the 6-8 and adding an inch to the body and the sleeves for some growing room.  So much for that idea!  As you can see from the pictures, it fits now.  I’m sure it will last thru the winter into the spring, but prolly not much past that.  The buttons were puchased from VYT and I really think they take the sweater from homemade to handmade.  The Peace Fleece was a bit rough while knitting but bloomed and softened quite a bit after a good steam blocking.



vacation knitting

The weather before we left on vacation was iffy, to say the least.  After a lovely June and early July, it turned wet and overcast.  I packed well for vacation, anticipating much rain and time spent indoors.  I packed three WIPs, yarn for another project and the spinning wheel with roving for two projects.

As it turns out, the weather cooperated and although the mornings tended to be overcast, the afternoons were clear and warm.  I did have 3-4 hours of knitting time in the van on the way down and on the way back, and here and there while sitting at the campfire or watching the kids at the playground.  Quite a bit of progress was made on the Rutabaga Bag and I was able to finish Bubba’s hoodie.


pattern:  Knitting Pure & Simple Children’s Tunic #232
yarn:  Plymouth Outback Wool colorway #965
needles:  Clover Bamboo
cast on:  July 2007   cast off:  August 24, 2007
notes:  I really enjoyed knitting this sweater.  The wool is quite soft, especially for the price, and KPS patterns are always fun for me.  Finish knitting, weave in a couple ends and . . . . voila, es fini.  There was a little more to this one, I grafted the top of the hood (with only 1 purl bump when all was said and done) and sewed down the casing on the hood.  I think if I were to do this patten again I wouldn’t do the casing, I would cast on fewer stitches and just continue the garter stitch from the placket up around the hood.  I still need to make a drawstring for the hood.

There is an error in my copy of the pattern, you cast on stitches on one side but no instructions for casting on the other side and if you continue as written you would be knitting the next row on the wrong side instead of purling.  I simply purled back, cast on the same number of stitches for the other side of the neck front and continued, no problems from then on.

I used a Shark Steamer to block the sweater.   With the split hem on the tunic, the hem flipped up quite badly, after steaming they lay flat as a pancake.  Luv the steamer.  It is now one of my favorite knitting tools.

I did make a yarn purchase while on vacation, but I was very good.  I stopped by Yarn n Darn Things in Greyland for a look around and walked out with enough Naturelle 10ply, in color 151, to make Bug the Aran cardigan she has been asking for.  My MIL has a lovely cardigan, purchased on one of their vacations to Scotland, Bub loves it and has asked me to make her one.  Sure, Honey, no problem, let me get right on that.  The yarn I used for the tunic was purchased at Yarn n Darn Things last year while we were on vacation.  I had purchased enough yarn for a sweater for each kid and had intended to finish both before we went back, well, the new wheel go in the way of that.

view of the ocean


Here is the first finished yarn off the new wheel. The roving is 4oz of targhee, hand dyed by Emma of DragonFibers, in the colorway Oceanic.

DSCF3289    DSCF3290

Although it did end up being thick and thin in places all over, I am quite pleased with the plying, it is a tighter ply and over all more even.  I believe it ended up being about 260yds, I need to recount.

photo shoot helper

the sweater

top-down raglan: fullfront

pattern:  Children’s Neck Down Pullover #9730 from Knitting Pure & Simple
yarn:  Tahki Shannon & Brown Sheep Worsted
needles:  Clover Bamboo
cast on:  May 2007   cast off:  June 2007
notes:  This was a dream to knit, love this pattern.  I did make a few changes; eliminated the rolled hems and neckline and replaced them with 2×2 ribbing, and added two rows and bindoff in the orange contrasting yarn.  I love the effect of the contrasting yarn, adds a little bit of something to an otherwise plain sweater.  The sweater was made up in the 6-8 size, just enough growing room so it may last two, or even three, years.

top-down raglan: trim

top-down raglan     top-down raglan: action shot


Over Memorial Day weekend Hubby’s brother, SIL and niece were out here from NY.  We all planned to get together on Sunday for dinner.  Although it was the end of May, I had not shipped nieces x-mas gift to her, because I had not sewn the lining.  The knitting was finished, but no lining had been sewn, and other knitting projects caught my attention.

Now the pressure was on, I had a week to get it done, no problem.  Sunday morning (yes, Sunday, shut up) I pulled out the sewing machine, rummaged thru the fabric stash, and the zipper stash (yes, I have a zipper stash) and sewed up the lining for Quinn.  While on the ferry boat, on the way to dinner, I sewed the lining into the bag, took photos on the dashboard and wrapped it.  The bag was gifted and very well received, even five months late.


pattern:  Quinn
yarn:  Cascade 220 Superwash
needles:  Clover Bamboo
notes:  I loved knitting this bag.  Ok, eventually I loved it.  I had some trouble at the beginning, but that was all operator error, nothing to do with the pattern it’s self.  The pattern is wonderfully well written and the results are amazing.  This pattern did offer some challanges for me, grafting in pattern, sewing in a zipper and lining , and knitting 12′ of i-cord (it was supposed to be 16′ but I gave up at 12′).  I was thrilled with the way the lining turned out and I was lucky to find an almost perfect zipper match.

Quinn: lining      Quinn: zipper

april wrap up

April was a good month for Dulaan Project knitting; hats and socks seem to have been the prefered projects.

It wasn’t the best month for the fiber/yarn stash, between the Knitting Expo and the Cascade Yarns Warehouse sale, maybe it’s best we just don’t talk about it.

Magic 28: socks 7-10

Magic 28: sock 7      Magic 28: sock 8

Magic 28: sock 9       Magic 28: sock 10

Avalanche Vest

(photo soon)

pattern:  Avalanche Vest (pdf)
yarn: Brown Sheep Burley Spun Lotus Pink (from stash)
notes:  Quick knit, great pattern.