to market, to market

Saturday Daughter had an early t-ball game, then afterward I ran a few erands, including getting a new swimming pool for the ducks and picking up a bunch of supplies so I can plant my blueberry bushes.  It is a bad idea to pick up plants without a place to put them into the ground as soon as you get home, I know this, but I seldom remember this until it is too late.

This morning we went to the Everett Farmer’s Market, but since it is so early in the season it was very small.  We did manage to pick up a huge boquet of flowers, some organic tomatoes, asparagus, and some delicious pastries.

On the way home I remembered the Seattle Tilth Plant Sale was going on so we went on down to Seattle and had a look around. We picked up a few plants, ate some organic donuts, looked around the P-patch and played at the park.  Next year we will: get there bright and early on Saturday, as the tables were pretty picked over by the time we got there Sunday noon; bring boxes, easier to get the plants to the car and home; and bring my camera.

After a quick stop at Acorn Street for me to pick up a pattern I had on hold, we headed back to the old homestead to do some planting.


fruit & yarn

Yesterday my parents called and we all ended up at Emery’s to look for honeysuckle.  We didn’t find any honeysuckle, dad is looking for a native honeysuckle and they are harder to find, but I came home with tomatoes, cabbage, 4 blueberry bushes, 25 strawberry plants and a few flowers.


Today was the first day of the annual spring sale at Great Yarns! in Everett, so I headed on up before hubby went to work.  Most of the sale yarns seemed to be the more novelty yarns, does this mean they are going out of trend (I won’t call it style) and the yarn companies will stop making 50 billion of them? Oh, gosh, I hope so.  The big find of the day was a vintage sock knitting booklet, it is from 1950 and originally cost 40c, and it was in the free pattern bin along with an issue of Interweave Knits from the early 90s.  I did manage to do a little stash enhancement, but I was far from my usual stash crazy self.


spring cleaning

Sunday moring was clear so I suggested to Hubby that we should put together the shelves for the shed, instead of just letting them sit, taking up space in the garage.  I got the dear in the headlights look as I could see the wheels turning, trying to find a way to get out of it.  I. don’t. think. so.

Let me just say we put up this shed about two years ago and up intil now everyting has been either stacked on the floor or leaning up against the wall.  First we pulled everything out of the shed.  This isn’t everything, doesn’t show the lawn mower, studded tires, kids’ ride on toys and bikes, etc.


Then we put up the shelves, with the help of the kids.  I was quite pleased at how they turned out.  They fit almost all the way across the back of the shed and by raising the bottom shelf on the right we can park the mower right under the shelf so it takes up less floor space.


After we reloaded the shed, I started looking at the garden beds.  They needed some serious work.  Daughter helped pull weeds, hubby used the fork and loosened up the soil and I broke up the clods and did the finish work.  We were able to prep all but one.  We were thrilled to see hundreds of worms in each of the raised beds, big fat juicy worms.  The ducks were especially happy, the kids were catching the worms and feeding them.   Here is hubby holding one of them:


The kids and I did some planting on Monday.  Peas, summer squash, patty pans, round zucchini, lettuce, carrots, perennial flowers, broccoli; we’ll be putting out some tomato seedling in a couple of weeks and who know what else we’ll end up planting, this is not a planned out garden this year.

day one wrap-up

Well, day one was not quite as successful as I had hoped.  According to The Plan here is where I am:

Feb 10 – Opening Ceremonies – 40 rows – 26 rows (-14)

In my defense I was at the Northwest Flower & Garden Show all day and was not able to cast on until after 7:30p.  I do know this was poor scheduling, but it was the only day Mom and I could go together while Hubby watched the kids.  I shall strive to complete yesterdays rows and todays so that I will not be trying to overcome the shortage later when the rows will take much longer to finish.

I did have a good time at the garden show.  Mom and I took the bus to avoid trying to find parking down town.  We did quite a bit of browsing, some shopping and more shopping.  The deal of the day, for me, was a new knitting bag.  It’s a large bag, and I mean large, this will hold a big project,  with sturdy sides so it stands up on it’s own and it’s lined with a drawsting closure, I paid $10 for it, such a deal.

I also bought a pair of garden shoes, crocs beach in fuschia.  Very bright, so I won’t loose them if I kick them off in the yard; washable, so I can just hose them off after being in the garden or coop; and they are comfy too, they are unisex sizes so they are wider the average women’s shoes and they fit really will.

hmmmm, what else did I bring home with me?  Some fireweed honey (yummy), a ton of catalogs, I signed up for some estamates for a new roof and windows since we are in the middle of a re-fi to make some improvements to the house. Oh, I also picked up a shea butter solid lotion bar and a small tin of Honey Balm with bees wax and shea butter, it smells very lightly of honey and is perfect to tuck into the knitting bag.

I have a Stitch and Bitch to be at in a little over and hour, I better get moving.