holiday shopping

Hubby and I spent the morning shopping. We went to, shudder, the mall, and considering how close it is to Christmas, we weren’t fighting crowds. I did point out that most normal people were at work and perhaps that was why we were so lucky.

Shopping went quite quickly, in and out . . . MIL . . . check . . . BIL . . . check . . . SIL . . . .

Actual conversation at the Ann Taylor Loft (let me note I am not what Ann Taylor Loft would consider their “target demographic” financially or size wise):

After browsing for a few minutes I pick up a cashmere sweater in a S and an XS, had a brief mental debate about the overgrazing of cashmere goats in China leading to desertification of large regions vs. getting the damn shopping done (sorry to say, the “git ‘r dun” won), and walked up to the register.

me: What’s the difference between the XS and S size?
shop drone with blank look on her face: The XS is smaller.
me: Yes, I understand that. What’s the size?

Perhaps fearing the drone would point to the tags and say “this is a small and this is and extra small”, another associate swooped in and told me the size difference (one was a 0/2 the other a 4/6, I don’t think either would have fit my big toe) and I was able to check the SIL off the list.