hand towel

0704mossgridtowel pattern: Moss Grid Hand Towel from Mason-Dixon Knitting
yarn: Louet Euroflax
needles: Boye NeedleMaster US5
cast on: April 3rd  cast off: April 7th
notes:  This was a farely quick knit, well, yes, it is only a hand towel.  The pattern was not intuitive for me so I had to keep looking at the pattern to see which line was next.  A row counter was very necessary on this project.

I was a bit worried about knitting with the Euroflax, it seems so stiff, but it really wasn’t bad to knit with and I love the softness and drape of the towel after washing.  I got gauge with the US5s, but if I make another one I’ll go down a needle size as I think the fabric of the towel ended up being a little loose.

Oh, I did learn that when knitting a hand towel, it might be best to lie about it.  Even your knitting friends will raise their eyebrows and ask why you would do something like that.


last and first

I finished my last February-March Project Spectrum  project a day late, but I’m still counting it.

pattern:  Knitting Pure & Simple #245 Children’s Easy Lightweight Sock
yarn:  Regia 4ply Patch Antik Colors #5759-Jeans
gauge: 8spi on Susan Bates US1 DPNs
cast on:  March (mid month, I think)  cast off:  April 1st
notes:  These socks were fun to knit.  I knit the pattern as written except for grafting the toes instead of just gathering and pulling.  Yes, the socks are matchy matchy and I pulled out sections of color so the heels and toes would be solid.  I wish I had done the same for the ribbing at the top of the sock, oh well.  Even with the sections I pulled out I still have almost half a ball left, 49g of a 100g ball.  I may make him another pair from the same yarn, just shorter, or make a pair of toddler socks for the Dulaan Project.

I also finished my first Project Spectrum project for April-May.  A Ballband Dishcloth, I know, you’re shocked.

I’m not going to bore you with the details . . . I’ll just point out that it has all three PS colors.  I ran out of green for the background (I knew it was going to be close, but I didn’t think I would run out) so I grabbed some yellow to finish off the last few rows.  Very spring!

Right now I am working on the Moss Grid Hand Towel from Mason-Dixon Knitting, only one repeat and the border to go then I can throw it into the washer and dryer and see how it turns out.  Have. To. Trust. The. Yarn.

march wrap up

March FOs:

Well, shit!  Four projects, that’s all I finished?!  That’s not good.  I did do some spinning too, and, umm, I cast on and ripped out a couple of projects several times.  Does that count? No? Okay.

Oh, and the three dishcloths — I don’t remember which ones they were! All I have written down in the knitting calendar/diary is:  “garterlac dc” “lacey dc” and “MDBB dc”.  So, I know when I knit them I just don’t remember which ones they were . . . I must be getting senile.

March was not a good month for the stash.  Between the seven skeins of Rowan Summer Tweed and the 10 skeins of sock yarn I won from Sock-a-Month 2 (um, and some other yarn), and the no-knitting that I did, I ended up with 13 more skeins than I knit up this month.  I’m still down 35 skeins for the year, but, still, I have got to get knitting!


ETA: Okay, I’m not senile, I guess, I  found the dishcloths . . .


L to R:  Lacy Diamonds from the Monthly Dishcloth KAL, Mason-Dixon Ballband Dishcolth, and Garterlac

as august comes to an end

I have some FOs.


pattern: Einstein Coat from The Knit Stitch by Sally Melville
yarn: Classic Elite Paint Box
needles:  Clover Bamboo US10 & Brittany Birch US8
cast on: Aug 2nd   cast off:  Aug 23rd   completed:  Aug 31st
notes:  I loved knitting this sweater.  The pattern is so simple but the look is timeless.  Bug loves the sweater but pointed out it needs pockets.  At some point I may add a couple of afterthought pockets, ala Elizabeth Zimmerman, but not right now.  Right now I am going to enjoy the finished sweater.

And what would a month be without a dishcloth, or three . . .

Left to right: Garterlac dishcloth in Sugar n’ Cream Westport, MDBD in Sugar ‘n Cream Cornflower and Jute, Garterlac dishcloth in Sugar ‘n Cream Rosewood (this one reminds me of neopolitan ice cream)

And what did I finish of my August list?

Possible projects for August Project Spectrum knitting:

  • seam up and finish ribbing Bug’s sweater – white
  • Crosspatch for Dulaan Project – grey & green
  • MDBD – what’s a month without a dishcloth
  • to get a head start on the holiday knitting:
    socks for BIL – brown – elann Esprit, coffee bean
    socks for other BIL – grey – elann Esprit, charcoal
    We Call Them Pirates for Hubby – grey & ?

Other WIPs

Other projects in the queue:

I also finished a couple of projects not on the list. Not too bad, if I do say so myself.


No, not that tequila.  The song Tequila that the Univ of Washingtion Huskies Band plays all the time.  Hence, the purple and gold colors of the warshrag.  I made this MDBD for a friend of my mom’s who is a huge Huskies fan.


pattern:  Ballband Dishcloth from Mason-Dixon Knitting
yarn:  Lion Cotton Purple & Sunflower
cast on/off:  July 19th – July 20th



what do I pack

The new MagKnits and Knitty are out, and, for once, I really like patterns in both of them.  With MagKnits this usually isn’t an issue, I can appreciate most of the patterns even if I won’t be knitting them up.  Knitty is sometimes another story.  There are issues where I just go “WTF!” and move on, this is NOT one of those times.

In MagKnits:  I love Alison’s pattern, Wimbledon, so classic.  Ok, I most likely won’t knit it up but I love it, maybe I’ll try and find someone to knit it for.  The girl’s dress is very cute, too.

In Knitty: MUST. KNIT. FETCHING. Daughter wants a pair of Knucks.  RPM is calling some Lorna’s Laces I have in my stash.  Baudelaire is a wonderful pattern, it has modifications for a high instep, woohoo.  Tulip Toes are just adorable.  Crosspatch and Swell will be perfect for The Dulaan Project.  (I’ve already printed out most of these, I am so exited)

I finished another MDBD:


pattern:  Ballband Washcloth Mason-Dixon
yarn:  Lion Cotton Grape and Lily Sugar ‘n Cream Hot Green
cast on/off:  July 1st – July 3rd

I also have been working on the Monthly Dishcloth for July, umm, after 5 days I can clearly see it’s not my style.  I will be ripping it out. (and prolly knitting a MDBD, hehehe)

Last night I started a sweater for Daughter, for this comming fall.  The sweater is a top down sweater from Knitting Pure & Simple in Mission Falls 1824 Wool.


Yesterday morning it was decided that the family will be going out of town this weekend.  There is a family gathering in Eastern Washington and Hubby finally realized that we should go. His grandfather, George Carter, has been nominated for the 2006 “Legends” of Washington Wine and all of the family is going to be in Prosser for the Gala.  We won’t be attending the Gala, missed the deadline for the tickets, but will be attending all the family functions.  Hubby’s father was one of eight kids, and all but two, and assorted members of their families, will be in town for the event.

How is this knitting related, you ask.  FOUR hours in the car, each way!  Eight glorious hours of knitting time.  That’s how!  Now, what to bring? 

  • Daughter’s sweater – yes,
  • Branching out – it’s purple, I’m over half way done with it, I should just get it over with, and it qualifies for Amazing Lace – yes
  • Flower Basket Shawl – my Amazing Lace project.  Not. Even. Started.  hmmm . . . ok, but what yarn?  I was planning on knitting this in a fingering weight yarn, I have some Knitpicks sock yarn in some purples, Grandma and Hydrangea.  The difference in the two is that Hydrangea has some deeper purples in it.  I also have some Tahki Yarns dream in a beautiful royal purple.  Oh, and athe KnitPicks Shimmer in grape Hacinth, I would double this one since it is a lace weight yarn.  I think I’ll save the TY dream for a more detailed pattern, one that you want to really showcase the beautiful lace.  FBS is a more substantial patten that I think can stand up to a varigated yarn.  Opinions anyone?
L to R: KP Hydrangea, KP Grandma, dream, KP Grape Hyacinth
  • I’ll also take along the Fetching Pattern, If I have enough left over after I finish the neck down sweater I’ll knit it out of that.
  • I have a couple of WIPs I could also take along . . . Lupine Lace socks, Bazaar Socks, Pinwheel blanket, a sweater that needs seaming . . . maybe.

I have all of tomorrow to decide and do laundry and pack and go to Daughter’s Horse Camp ‘graduation’ and and and . . . sigh.

Tristan & Isolde came from Netflix today, I am off to watch, knit, and maybe have a beer.



day of beauty

This morning I took daughter in to get her hair cut.  She has been growing out her bangs, she wants hair like Violet’s in The Incredibles, now they are long enough to cut her hair all the same length.  This will be much cooler for summer.

hc_before_front.jpg     hc_before_back.jpg

Yes, she’s sitting in a boat,
reading books, 
while getting her hair cut.

While waiting I was able to cast-on my first Project Spectrum project for July, a Mason-Dixon ballband washcloth.  I know, you’re shocked! 




June wrap up

This is the last project, for Project Spectrum in Blue and for June.  I cast on this morning and have worked on it off and on all day, and here is the finished product.


pattern:  Mason-Dixon Washcloth
yarn:  Lion Cotton Americana
cast on/off:  June 30th
notes:  While I was making my first Mason-Dixon washcloth I thought I had miscounted on the eyelet row because my eyelets kept coming up uneven between the bobbles.  I was able to even them out and continued on to finish.  On this one I ran into the same trouble.  I looked, I counted, I charted it out . . . the way it is written you come out with uneven eyelets.  I switched to: 
[(k1, yo, k2tog) 3 times, k5, (k1, yo, k2tog) 3 times] 6 times 
and the eyelets are even between the bobbles.

After casting on 150sts
this is all the tail I had left, yikes!

In the last week I have knit up a few more of the Ballband Dishcloths.


pattern: Ballband Dishcloth from Mason-Dixon Knitting
yarn: (top to bottom)
    Lion Cotton Morning Glory Blue & Sugar n Cream Cornflower
    Lion Cotton Americana & Sugar n Cream Cornflower
    Lion Cotton Poppy Red and Denim Swirl
note: I finished another one in Sugar n Cream Ecru & Cornflower, but it is at the LYS as a sample for the Mason-Dixon book.