march wrap up

March FOs:

Well, shit!  Four projects, that’s all I finished?!  That’s not good.  I did do some spinning too, and, umm, I cast on and ripped out a couple of projects several times.  Does that count? No? Okay.

Oh, and the three dishcloths — I don’t remember which ones they were! All I have written down in the knitting calendar/diary is:  “garterlac dc” “lacey dc” and “MDBB dc”.  So, I know when I knit them I just don’t remember which ones they were . . . I must be getting senile.

March was not a good month for the stash.  Between the seven skeins of Rowan Summer Tweed and the 10 skeins of sock yarn I won from Sock-a-Month 2 (um, and some other yarn), and the no-knitting that I did, I ended up with 13 more skeins than I knit up this month.  I’m still down 35 skeins for the year, but, still, I have got to get knitting!


ETA: Okay, I’m not senile, I guess, I  found the dishcloths . . .


L to R:  Lacy Diamonds from the Monthly Dishcloth KAL, Mason-Dixon Ballband Dishcolth, and Garterlac



lace, that is.  I finished a project that qualifies for the Amazing Lace, ’bout time.  Oh, and I completed the Pit Stop.


pattern:  Lacy Mock Cable – July Monthly Dishcloth KAL
yarn:  Lion Cotton – Grape
needles:  Clover Bamboo US7
cast on: July 25th   cast off:  July 26th

I also finished knitting up Branching Out today, not much to look at right now, I’ll block it this weekend.




While writing this post I got a call from Hubby.  He locked his keys in the car, with the lights on.  I grabbed the kids and we headed out to rescue him.  Luckily he was only a couple of miles away and it didn’t take long to get there.  I handed him my keys and he walked over to his car, then came back.  “Umm, do you have the key?” “It’s on the ring.” “No, it isn’t.”  Shit!  when Hubby had work done on his car a few weeks ago I gave him my key, I didn’t get it back from him.  Just as we were about to call a tow truck to get them to open the car a locksmith pulled into the parking lot. $40 later he had his keys and when I got home I found the key sitting on the dresser, sigh.



pattern: Star dishcloth from the Dishcloth-a-Month KAL
yarn:  Sugar ‘n Cream – cornflower
cast on:  June 17th   cast off:  June 22nd
notes:  I like the idea of this pattern but I’m not sure I like the pattern itself.  You have to block it severly to get it to lay flat, I think it needs to start with fewer stitches and add some increase to make it lay flat.


red dress

Yesterday after my MoRH(tm Brenda Dayne) I bought yarn,  nothing like a little retail therapy.  I needed some red cotton for the mid-May dishcloth for the Monthly Dishcloth Along.  I hit Fred Meyer because they had a buy two get one free deal and they carry Lion Cotton, I picked up three balls, but no red.  BTW, Fred Meyer carries a few colors of Lion Wool. 

Still in search of red I headed over to JoAnn, where I went a little cotton crazy.  I had stopped at Costco on my way to the Knit-in (sigh) and picked up Mason*Dixon Knitting and Inspired Cable Knits, while looking thru them I found that quite a few of the projects in Mason*Dixon were knit with kitchen cotton.  I especially like the little baby kimono.  So, I did a little stocking up on kitchen cotton, including some red, just in case, I also picked up a couple of patterns so I can get a start on my summer sewing for Daughter, Color-splash Dishcloths by Evelyn A. Clark and a piece of muslin for a doll.

When I got home I cast on for the Dishcloth Along and then finished it up today.


pattern: Go Red For Women by Sarah Wennagole
yarn:  Lion Cotton – Poppy Red
cast-on:  May 19th
cast-off:  May 20th
notes:  This pattern is to remind women that heart desease is the number one killer of women (and men).  Find out more at


. . . a finished object.  I have been working on too many projects at the same time.  This makes for lots of knitting but no finishing.  That is, until today.  Today I sat down and knit up a washcloth from the Dishcloth a Month KAL and it felt very nice to actually finish something.


pattern: flower dishcloth from the Dishcloth a Month KAL
yarn:  Lily Sugar ‘n Cream Cotton in Hot Green
cast on/off:  May 19th


washie, washie

WARNING:  This post contains actual knitting content.



Pattern:  Lacey Round – mid-March KAL at the Monthly Dishcloth
Yarn: Lion Cotton
Needles: Clover Bamboo US6
Start/Finish:  Mar/Apr
Notes:  I made the green one first then made another in yellow because I thought it would look like a sunshine. =)  The yellow cloth used a provisional cast-on and a three needle bind-off. 


Here is the start of my pinwheel blanket (started Apr 4th).  Since it has so many colors in it I figure I when I finish I’ll add a border in what ever Project Spectrum color is current.  Clear as mud?  

Like the basket?  I found it Trader Joe’s on clearance . . . woohoo . . . I’m planning on making a cloth liner for it too.  I have a weakness for baskets, especially if they’re cheap.

knitting funk

I’ve been knitting, but I’m not enjoying it.  Ok, that’s not exactly true, I enjoy the knitting when I finally start it but it’s the lack of motivation to actully knit that I’m not enjoying.  It’s the time change, I’m sure of it.  It always messes with my body clock.  I am not a morning person to start with but waking up an hour earlier is not my idea of a good time.  It will take a bit of time for my body to adjust, until then I’ll be drinking lots of coffee. Continue reading

quick project

I love a quick project.  I started it last night and finished the last few rows this morning.


Pattern:  Lacey Squares – mid-Feb KAL at the Monthly Dishcloth KAL
Yarn: Lion Cotton
Needles: Clover Bamboo US6
Start/Finish:  Mar 1-2
Notes:  As usual I made the cloth a bit smaller, one less repeat in each direction.  I think this pattern would be cute in a baby blanket.