two WIPs no more

One is the pinwheel blanket.  I ripped it and placed the yarn back into stash.  I like the pattern, but the more I thought about finishing the blanket the more I ask myself why I was making it.  I don’t have a baby, not planning on one in the near, or far, future.  I don’t know anyone right now that is having a baby that I would want to give it to.  The more I thought about it the more I thought the yarn needed to be something else.  So, it will be.

The second is the first of the Holiday Knitting Projects.

pattern: Generic “You’re Putting Me On Socks” w/ easy toe from Sensational Knitted Socks by Charlene Schurch
yarn: Opal 6-ply
needles:  Clover Bamboo US3 & 4
cast on: Sept 1st   cast off:  Sept 8th
notes: I started the Easy Toe, from Sensational Knitted Socks, using US2 Chiagoo Bamboo DPNs to give it a nice firm fabric.  I bound off using this bind-off, which I read about at brooklyntweed.  The second sock went off with out a hitch.  The first one had FOUR knots in it with chunks taken out of the pattern.  I had to pull out large section of yarn to make the pattern repeat correctly. Not fun at all.  The socks did end up matching, except on the heels and I am not sure what happened there since they match on the foot and on the leg. 


vacation – the knitting version

Before we even set off for the beach I was all in a tizzy about what to bring along to knit.  If I bring too little, I run out of projects to work on.  If I bring to much, well, the family will think me wierd for hauling all this knitting around. 

Well, they already think I’m odd, so, no big deal there.  I packed two WIPs, a couple of projects from the queue.

On the way out of town we stopped at Acorn Street so I could pick up some needles and a copy of the The Knit Stitch.  I’ve checked it out from the library so many times I figure I should go ahead and add it to my personal library.  While I was there I also picked up a organizer for my circular needles.  There was a review of tackle bags for use as circular needle cases on Knitter’s Review a while back.  Well, Acorn Street has some with their logo and in fun colors, I picked purple.

On the way down we encountered a lot of traffic.  Horrible traffic.  Hey, knitting time for me.  I worked on Bug’s Einstein Coat.  After arriving in Westport we had dinner and sat around the campfire, after the kids went to sleep, we sat around the campfire some more, and I worked on the pinwheel blanket.  Nothing like a bit of mindless knitting ’round the campfire.

The next morning we went to an art fair in town, and I found this basket.  It holds a sh*t load of knitting stuff.  I love it.

On our way back from the beach my dad noticed a sign that said “Yarn ‘n Darn Things”.  Hubby turned the van around and we headed back to the shop.  It closed at 4:30, it was 4:45. Darn!  We went back the next day on our way out to the beach and I looked around while Hubby, kids and parents went to the hardware store.  They had a small but nice selection, a complete selection of Brittany needles and several yarn lines I had not seen before.  One was Plymouth Outback Wool, 4sts=1″, huge skeins, very pretty colorways, great price.  I was good and bought one skein in this pretty purple colorway.

There was a matching mohair blend, I was very tempted, but I resisted.  The family came back and we headed off to the beach for a fun filled day, all the while I was thinking about the two other colorways of Outback Wool that would be perfect for Bug and Bubba.  On the way back from the beach we stopped again and I bought more yarn.  Two skeins of each.


The one on the left is for Bubba, it is a blend of brown, tan and blue. The one on the right is for Bug, it is a blend of cream, peach, and a grey-blue.  The skeins are 200gms, 370 yards each.

I managed to finish the body of the Pinwheel Blanket, now I just need to decide on, and knit, the border.

This section could be called Why I Hate Noro. 

I was thinking of knitting a scarf in Noro using the Garterlac Dishcloth pattern as a base for the pattern.  The pattern makes it reversible and the changing color of the Noro adds interest.  I started knitting using the 8 stitch square, but I decided that the scarf would be too skinny and ripped it out and changed to a 10 stitch square.  I got thru three squares and encountered a knot (arrow on the left), a change in the colors. Sigh, hate that, but I kept knitting.  I realized pretty quickly I wasn’t going to have enough yarn with the two balls I had, but I wanted to see how far one ball would go, so I kept knitting.  This was received with strange looks and many questions.  Why would I keep knitting if I knew I would gust be ripping it out?  What was the point?  Well, I just wanted to see.  And see I did. 

I like this colorway.  I don’t like the knots that interrupt the color changes.  After finishing the “mega swatch” I started looking at the second ball.  Hey, where is the brown? I started winding the ball and encounted a knot in about the middle of the skein and the colors started again, no browns.  Each of the small balls would be represented by the section between the arrows on the right.  No browns.  I will rip the mega swatch and the Noro will go into my stash until I can think of something to knit.

I finished knitting the Einstein Coat while watching the kids and Hubby swim at the pool, I just need to seam it up and add the buttons.

On the way home I started a hat, in theory for Hubby.  When he asked “Who’s that for?” I got the impression he wasn’t to fond of it so I guess it will end up being for Bubba or the Dulaan Project.

We stopped in Aberdeen for lunch and I went into a very cute yarn shop I had been told I had to go to.  The Yarn Corner at Wiitamaki’s is in the back of a beautiful jewelry store and if you aren’t looking for it, it would be easy to miss.  I’m glad I went.  Look at the cute bags they use!

I picked up an older IK I was missing, some red superwash Cascade 220 for the border of the Pinwheel Blanket, some beautiful lace weight yarn for holiday gifts, and a green Chibi.  Apparently I need a Chibi in every color I can find.  It’s an illness. 

I continued working on the shunned by the Hubby even though I’m working my fingers to the bone hat and apparently this is how much I can knit from Westport to Mukilteo, about 4 3/4″ plus the swatch.

washie, washie

WARNING:  This post contains actual knitting content.



Pattern:  Lacey Round – mid-March KAL at the Monthly Dishcloth
Yarn: Lion Cotton
Needles: Clover Bamboo US6
Start/Finish:  Mar/Apr
Notes:  I made the green one first then made another in yellow because I thought it would look like a sunshine. =)  The yellow cloth used a provisional cast-on and a three needle bind-off. 


Here is the start of my pinwheel blanket (started Apr 4th).  Since it has so many colors in it I figure I when I finish I’ll add a border in what ever Project Spectrum color is current.  Clear as mud?  

Like the basket?  I found it Trader Joe’s on clearance . . . woohoo . . . I’m planning on making a cloth liner for it too.  I have a weakness for baskets, especially if they’re cheap.

knitting funk

I’ve been knitting, but I’m not enjoying it.  Ok, that’s not exactly true, I enjoy the knitting when I finally start it but it’s the lack of motivation to actully knit that I’m not enjoying.  It’s the time change, I’m sure of it.  It always messes with my body clock.  I am not a morning person to start with but waking up an hour earlier is not my idea of a good time.  It will take a bit of time for my body to adjust, until then I’ll be drinking lots of coffee. Continue reading