april wrap up

April was a good month for Dulaan Project knitting; hats and socks seem to have been the prefered projects.

It wasn’t the best month for the fiber/yarn stash, between the Knitting Expo and the Cascade Yarns Warehouse sale, maybe it’s best we just don’t talk about it.

Magic 28: socks 7-10

Magic 28: sock 7      Magic 28: sock 8

Magic 28: sock 9       Magic 28: sock 10

Avalanche Vest

(photo soon)

pattern:  Avalanche Vest (pdf)
yarn: Brown Sheep Burley Spun Lotus Pink (from stash)
notes:  Quick knit, great pattern.


why, yes, I have been knitting

. . . and it has been all about the charity knitting (and joining more KALs, I am a sucker fot the KALs).

First, I joined the Charmed Knits KAL and knit these Slytherin hats.


All three are knit from the House Hat Pattern at the Charmed Knits KAL blog.  I really enjoyed knitting the 2 beanies, the double decreases are neat and make the hats just a little different from the average beanie.  The beret, I have to say, wasn’t my favorite. It was quick enough to knit, I just wasn’t thrilled the finished product.  This is totally a personal preference, I like a flatter top on a beret.

Which lead to knitting more hats for the Dulaan Project.



The top five hats are from some skeins of Kid ‘n Ewe from my stash.  The yarn was originally purchased to knit a sweater for my daughter, but I didn’t knit it, and she grew.  Darn kids.  No real pattern just a basic hat.

The bottom two hats were knit from some Brown Sheep Burley Spun, also from stash, using the Avalanche Hat pattern(pdf). The bottom hat is just a variation on the pattern.

Then I joined Norma’s Magic 28 KAL, and knit up some socks for Dulaan.  I see this KAL as an excuse to use up some of my sock yarn stash.  I doubled the yarn and it works perfectly.

Magic 28: pair 1     Magic 28: pair 2
Pairs 1 and 2 were knitted from discontinued Knit Picks sock  yarn I bought a year or so ago Paper Dolls and Daffodil.  I am able to get a pair from one skein (220yds) of yarn.

Magic 28: sock 5      Magic 28: sock 6
Socks 5 and 6 were knitted from Knit Picks Pansy.  The first sock I knit double stranded without matching the colors, the second I did match the colors.  I have another skein and will knit up matching socks from it.

I’ve started keeping a Magic 28 sock by the computer, so I can work on one while surfing blogs, and I keep one in my purse for knitting emergencies.

hand towel

0704mossgridtowel pattern: Moss Grid Hand Towel from Mason-Dixon Knitting
yarn: Louet Euroflax
needles: Boye NeedleMaster US5
cast on: April 3rd  cast off: April 7th
notes:  This was a farely quick knit, well, yes, it is only a hand towel.  The pattern was not intuitive for me so I had to keep looking at the pattern to see which line was next.  A row counter was very necessary on this project.

I was a bit worried about knitting with the Euroflax, it seems so stiff, but it really wasn’t bad to knit with and I love the softness and drape of the towel after washing.  I got gauge with the US5s, but if I make another one I’ll go down a needle size as I think the fabric of the towel ended up being a little loose.

Oh, I did learn that when knitting a hand towel, it might be best to lie about it.  Even your knitting friends will raise their eyebrows and ask why you would do something like that.

last and first

I finished my last February-March Project Spectrum  project a day late, but I’m still counting it.

pattern:  Knitting Pure & Simple #245 Children’s Easy Lightweight Sock
yarn:  Regia 4ply Patch Antik Colors #5759-Jeans
gauge: 8spi on Susan Bates US1 DPNs
cast on:  March (mid month, I think)  cast off:  April 1st
notes:  These socks were fun to knit.  I knit the pattern as written except for grafting the toes instead of just gathering and pulling.  Yes, the socks are matchy matchy and I pulled out sections of color so the heels and toes would be solid.  I wish I had done the same for the ribbing at the top of the sock, oh well.  Even with the sections I pulled out I still have almost half a ball left, 49g of a 100g ball.  I may make him another pair from the same yarn, just shorter, or make a pair of toddler socks for the Dulaan Project.

I also finished my first Project Spectrum project for April-May.  A Ballband Dishcloth, I know, you’re shocked.

I’m not going to bore you with the details . . . I’ll just point out that it has all three PS colors.  I ran out of green for the background (I knew it was going to be close, but I didn’t think I would run out) so I grabbed some yellow to finish off the last few rows.  Very spring!

Right now I am working on the Moss Grid Hand Towel from Mason-Dixon Knitting, only one repeat and the border to go then I can throw it into the washer and dryer and see how it turns out.  Have. To. Trust. The. Yarn.

project spectrum

Project Spectrum knitting for February/March
Blue – Gray – White

While I enjoyed the blue/gray/white of February and March, I am looking forward to the brighter pink/green/yellow of April and May.  I know that the colors for April and May are not necessarily brighter; mustard yellow, olive & forest green and some of the darker pinks are just that – darker.  But, my mind’s eye sees sunny yellows, spring greens, soft pinks . . . spring grass, new leaves on trees, yellow crocus, forsythia and cherry blossoms. 

Spring is in the air! 

Oh, the possibilities!

saddle shoulder sweater


pattern:  Saddle Shoulder Sweater from Knitting Without Tears
yarn:  Mission Falls 1824 Wool – Denim and Putty
Cascade 220 Superwash – Red – for hems
needles:  Clover Bamboo
cast on: March 2nd  cast off: March 11th
notes:  I loved knitting this sweater.  I actually had to reknit the sweater after finishing the arms and getting a couple of inches into the body.  The yarn I had in stash was from before Mission Falls closed and reopened, and I started to panic that I wouldn’t have enough to finish the sweater, with no way of getting another skein in the same dye lot.  If I had been knitting a yoked sweater I could have added color into the yoke with no problem, but it would have looked very strange on the saddle shoulder.  I picked up the putty yarn at a LYS and added some stripes to the body and arms.  I’m glad I did as it would have been very close and I don’t think my heart could have taken it.  Then again if I had knit the body of the sweater a little shorter, I prolly would have been okay, but I like the longer length.  I did have to fudge a bit on the shoulder/neck decreases since I wanted a larger opening for his pun’kin head.  All in all, I would knit another EZ sweater in a second, loved the whole process, even with the ripping and the grafting.



it's all over but the grafting . . .

Bubba’s EZ Saddle Shoulder sweater is almost finished.   The ends are woven in, the hems are sewn, just have to graft the underarms.  Bubba had a fitting this morning, just so I could be sure it would fit over his pun’kin head.  It fit, no worries.


Bubba  really liked all the yarn ends hanging out of his sleeves.

“Look mamma! I flapping, I flying!”

The sweater is now done, except for the grafting . . .

february wrap up

February FOs:

Well, not a bad month overall.  Knit up lots more than I bought, by almost 30 skeins!  Woohoo, watch that stash disappear!  Okay so 10 of that was Baby Ull I sold to a friend, but still . . .


pattern: Steppe Sweater(pdf)
yarn: Avalanch Yarn
cast on:  Feb 17th  cast off:  Feb 24th
notes:  Knit as written, except for doing intarsia in the placket.


pattern:  In a Flap Hat (hats on left)
yarn:  Elann Peruvian Highland Chunky (small blue/gray hat)
Kraemer Yarns Mauch Chunky (gray/red hat)
pattern:  Avalanch Hat Pattern (pdf) (hat on right)
yarn: Elann Peruvian Highland Chunky
cast on/off:  February sometime

spring shearing

I have been knitting, but the kids were home on mid-winter break last week so I didn’t really have time to blog.  Or, maybe, I just didn’t make time would be more accurate.

My parents took the kids for a sleepover on Thursday so I was able to go to the Thursday morning knitting group at VYT.  It was nice to see the gals again, it’s been months since I have been able to attend.  After knitting group I got my nails filled (boy, did they need it) and while wondering what to do after that I drove past the hair stylist’s.  The hair was getting way to long, many days I had been reduced to the twist and clip method of hair styling . . . so chic.  Ended up having 8″ of hair cut off and it’s still down past my chin. 

I drove home, went in the house, realized hubby was going to be working late, kids were with the g’parent and the yarn shop was open late on Thursdays.  Back into the car and back to VYT for some more knitting with a few of my favorite knitters; Amy, Brad and Ellen.  If I start hanging out there any more they are going to put me to work . . . hmm, employee yarn discount. 

While at VYT (all day) I did happen to find one or two things to bring home with me.  First, some Cascade 220 in a bright spring green for a cardigan for Bug.  I’m planning on doing my first steek (eek), an EZ seamless yoke cardigan with some colorwork in spring colors. 

Second, sock yarn, very cute sock yarn.  Do I really need more sock yarn?  Apparently, the answer is:  yes, I do. 

The last thing I brought home is The Yarn Girls Guide to Knits for Older Kids.   I love this book!  I really like the fact that each pattern is shown knit up in “boy colors” and “girl colors”.   Also, following the Yarn Girl tradition, these patterns are knit up at bulky gauges, this means fast knitting folks.  There are many sweaters I want to knit from this book, mostly for my kids but a couple of the patterns would be great for use with the Avalanche Yarn for Dulaan.

Friday I went with the folks and the kiddos to the zoo.  It was nice but I was exhausted by the time we left.  Bubba can be quite a handful, even when the adult child ratio is 3:2.   While surfing blogs I happened across Pat’s blog and saw her yarn inventory.  I had been going through my stash looking for yarn for several patterns in my new book, gee, wouldn’t an inventory be handy. 

I mentioned this idea, of making a yarn inventory, to some of the Saturday morning knitters.  The idea was met with raised eyebrows and wide eyes.  Saturday evening and Sunday morning I sorted and recorded and set up a spreadsheet.  I’m thinking not actually knowing what was hiding in my stash would have been a better idea.  Also, adding up the yardage and converting it to miles was a really bad idea.  Trust me, I know of what I speak.

Iconfirmed that I have to much sock yarn.  I have to many small amounts of yarn, one or two balls of this and that.  I am getting rid of a few things, a friend of mine wanted my Baby Ull for knitting baby things.  I originally bought it for some stranded knitting that I never got around to starting, so it’s hers.  I also matched up some patterns with some of the stash. 

I finished knitting up another Steppe Sweater(pdf) for Dulaan, I’ll post pics as soon as I finish weaving in the last of the ends.  Last night I cast on these socks while watching Texas Chainsaw Massacre: the Beginning.  Now, I like a good slasher movie as much as the next person, but this one was just over the top, so lots of knitting got done.  I finished them this morning.  Nothing like knitting kids socks with dk wt yarn, they just fly off the needles.

pattern: Knitting Pure & Simple Easy Children’s Socks
yarn: Plymouth Encore DK
needles: Clover Bamboo US4
cast on: February 24th  cast off: February 25th 

Now I just need to figure out what to start on next; sweater for me, sweater for one of the kids, socks for me, socks for kids, more Dulaan knitting . . . the possibilities are endless, but I did wind this up today. . .

or here is another view . . .

Blue Moon Fiber Arts
Socks That Rock Heavyweight
Highway 30

more dulaan knitting

pattern: none – basic 2×2 ribbed hat
yarn: Cascade Pastaza
notes: With the yarn doubled these hats were super quick to knit, each one took an evening.  Each one used up most of a skein of yarn, great for using up those single skeins of yarn sitting in the stash. 

The green hat is knit the same as above, but from Kraemer Yarns Mauch Chunky.

The helmet:
pattern: Q&E Helmet, Patons Kids Hip Hop
yarn: Plymouth Encore
notes: Quick and easy to knit, pattern is written for flat knitting, but, it’s a hat, I knit it in the round.  I don’t think I will knit it again, though the pattern is perfectly serviceable, instead I think I will use Tammy’s In a Flap Cap.

pattern: Steppe Sweater(pdf)
yarn: Avalanch Yarn
cast on:  Feb 5th  cast off:  Feb 8th
notes:  Knit as written, except for doing intarsia in the placket.  I’ll be knitting up more of these, quick and warm.