great hat

While in the checkout line at Trader Joe’s a couple of days ago I spied a great crochet hat.  It was quite colorful and well made, it reminded me, very generally, of this hat from IK.

Yes, I know the hat in the picture is knit not crochet, and no, the colors were different and yes, the colorwork was very different.  It was more the shape of the hat and the construction of the earflaps that brought this pattern to mind.  Clear as mud? 

I asked the young woman wearing it if she had made it, and commented on how great it was when she said she had. 

Young Male Cashier: “Why would you ask that?  That’s a really great hat.”

Me: “That’s why I asked, it is a great hat.”

YMC: “Well, usually you can tell when someone made them.”

Me: “What?”

YMC: “Ya know, they can be pretty bad.”

Me: *sigh*



I received the new Interweave Knits in the mail yesterday and while skimming through it I came across an article on “Aroma Knitting”. Apparently Skacel is releasing two yarns “infused with the soft scent of lavender” and the article was extolling the wonderful merits of aromatherapy for our knitting.

When is to much just to much? It seems everything is scented these days or over scented. We have plug ins, fans, automated air sprays, scented trash bags, laundry detergent, carpet powders, and upholstery sprays (that are supposed to remove odors but they too have a lingering scent) for our homes. For our bodies there are antiperspirants and deodorants, perfume and cologne, body sprays, “feminine sprays” and scented tampons and menstrual pads. Yeah, the sickly sweet, artificial, floral scent wafting up from our twats nether regions is so much better.

In the last six months I have had three migraines because of heavily scented products, twice from a floral carpet powder I asked my husband not to use and once from a shampoo and conditioner produced by a company that makes all natural products and I, wrongly, figured I would be safe. This doesn’t count the times I have had lesser headaches from other overly scented products. I hate the grocery store, especially the detergent aisle, and there is even a cereal manufacturer planning to add scent to the boxes of their cereal to encourage people to buy. In a year will the cereal aisle be a bombardment to our olfactory system, too.

I am hoping that this will not become a trend with all  the yarn companies.  Knitting is relaxing enough by its self.  I’d hate to think I could no longer walk into my local yarn shop without needing a gasmask and a handful of Advil.