where am i?

Oh, that’s right I changed the name of my blog. It’s still in the same place, just a new name. I’ve been using sewcrafty as a screen name for almost 10 years on various message boards, etc., but I was surfing the blog-o-sphere last night and was amazed at how many sewcraftys are out there.

Okay, I’m not sewing as much anymore, so maybe a new name for the blog would be appropriate.

What is the source of inspiration for the name, you ask. My dear friend Jennifer, the woman I blame (yes, blame!) for my sewing and knitting addiction and by way of knitting the whole spinning thing.

When my daughter was very little, a year and a half – maybe two, she suggested I should sew for her.

“Kids clothes are so quick to sew, and they use such small amounts of fabric. Really, you should sew for Bug.”

I already quilted so I had the sewing machine, and cutting paraphernalia, I just needed to pick up a few patterns and some fabric. I made most of Bug’s clothes until she started school.

Two years later: “I’ve been knitting,” she says, “you should knit, it’s so relaxing.” No. Way. Not. Knitting. I still have all this fabric from when you said I should start sewing.

As you all know, I started knitting. I love knitting. Knitting is portable, knitting can be picked up and put down in a way sewing cannot, especially with kids around.

Do you see what a bad influence she is on me?

After starting to knit I met a whole new group of enablers friends. These friends spin. They make beautiful yarn and knit wonderful items from that handspun yarn. “I’m not going there” was my mantra for many months, until, while at Saturday morning knitting, I was talking about how I was not going to go down the spinning path. “Why, not?” they asked.

I explained about the quilting stash, the scrapbooking (did I forget to mention that one?), the sewing stash (I have a serger, an embroidery machine, and enough patterns and fabric to clothe a small third world country), the yarn stash (I have a thing for sock yarn).  I didn’t need a spinning fiber stash, along with the spindles, wheels, niddy noddys, etc, etc, etc, that go along with a new hobby.

This was met with a terse, “That sounds like a personal problem, not a spinning problem.” Gee, you think? I caved and took the spindle class, now I own a wheel.

So, what does all this have to do with the name of my blog? One day while talking to Jennifer I mentioned the “it’s all your fault” thing, to which she replied, “Well, yes, but you forgot to tell me at the beginning of all this that you had a little bit of crazy leaking out.”


january knitting

January was a month of small knitting projects, for the most part. 

  • I started off the month by seaming up a shrug that had been sitting in my knitting basket for six months.   
  • 9 hats: 7 for the Dulaan Project, one for Bug and one for Hubby
  • 1 skinny Noro scarf
  • Tomten for the Dulaan Project
  • 11 dishcloths; these are going to be set aside for teacher/bus driver gifts at the end of the school year

I forgot how much fun knitting dishcloths is.  I used several patterns including: Garterlac, the Ball Band Dishcloth from Mason-Dixon, Snowdrops and Lace Leaf from the Monthly Dishcloth KAL and a few 4 Corners Dishcloths from this pattern.  I made a couple of chages to the 4CDC; I didn’t slip the first stitches (it didn’t seem necessary) and I went down to 3 stitches at the corners instead of 5.  The 4CDC is based on a baby blanket designed by Elizabeth Zimmerman and is a lot of fun to knit up.

Although I did make several yarn purchases in January, I did end up knitting up much more than I purchased (by 23 skeins!).  I have to credit a lot of that on the Tomten, garter stitch uses up more yarn than you think.

I have several projects still on the needles:  EZ baby sweater from Knitter’s Almanac . . . umm . . . that can’t be the only thing, but for the life of me I can’t think of what else.

Goals for February:

  • learn to spin on the spinning wheel
  • knit a blue sweater for Dulaan and Project Spectrum
  • knit up a few more dishcloths and scrubbies
  • knit at least one pair of socks


A new month, full of possibilities.

Possible projects for September’s Project Spectrum Clean Sweep:

  • seam up and finish ribbing Bug’s sweater – white (WIP from Aug)
  • Crosspatch for Dulaan Project – grey & red (WIP from Aug) 
  • Lupine Lace socks (WIP from May)
  • Swallowtail Shawl (WIP from Aug)

Other WIPs

Other projects in the queue:

ETA:  Ok, just because there is a list doesn’t mean it will get knit up this month, or at all.

use it


At whip up there is a write up about, and a link to, a post at simple sparrow that has inspired the beginning of the Use What I Have Challenge, for the month of April.  I have joined.  This means craft purchases at all in April, no yarn, no fabric, no patterns, no notion, no books . . . nada . . . zilch.  eeep! 

more and more

Over at artsy-crafty babe, Beki posted about being a fabric-a-holic, something I am well acquainted with.  Here was my response:

I understand what you are going thru completely.  I have many, many bins of fabric in various places around my house.  Some I bought to make diapers for my son, who is now almost 4yo and the diapers did not get made, I just bought prefolds.  Some was purchased for me, so I could make clothes for me that fit correctly, I am plus size and find a good fit is almost impossible.  I have made 2 shirts for myself.  Some was bought for quilting, I see very few finished quilts laying around my home.  Ok, I have made several for baby gifts, but not enough to justify the stash.  I bought quite a bit to sew clothes for my children, and now whenever they need clothes and I end up buying them because I don’t have time to sew, I feel guilty. 

Earlier this year I started going thru my fabric with the intention of selling some of it.  I actually felt like I was going to have a panic attack a couple of times and had to call a friend to talk me down. I did actually sell some fabric, tho I need to get rid of more.

It can be a slippery slope, there will always be more fabric.  The world is not going to have a fabric shortage.  The fabric stores are not going to all go out of business.  There will always be more fabric, yarn, scrapbooking supplies, etc., it just doesn’t need to be in your house.

This is something I am learning slowly.


It’s official, I’m a joiner.  I had suspected this for quite a while, but now I know it to be true.

I love to join KALs, although I do not join all of them I do join my share. I have many that have carried over from last year and this year I have joined the Stashalong, Sock a Month and I am iching to join the Harlot’s Knitting Olympics and the Tote-along and the Aran Weight Victorian Lace Shawl KAL and the Faroese Shawl Knit Along and the Jaywalker KAL (I know this one is almost over) and the Mrs Beeton KAL and Panta and I am sure there are more.

Basically, if I think I want to knit the pattern and there is a KAL associated with it, I want to join.  Maybe I think this will increase my odds of actually finishing something. 

mittens & a sweater

I finished the Hermione Mittens on Tuesday and I finally have an OK picture to post.  I thought getting a good picture of Socks was hard . . . sheesh, that’s nothing to mittens.


pattern: Hermione Mittens
yarn: Cascade 220
needles: Clover Bamboo
started: Jan 6
finished: Jan 10 
notes:  I made no modifications to this pair of mittens.  I really like this pattern over all.  Since the pattern is for such a long and slim mitten I wear them with the cuffs turned up, I think they fit me better since I have thicker wrists and forearms.  On the next pair I knit, and there will be another, if they are for me I will use a bit heavier yarn.  A true worsted or aran instead of the Cascade 220, which is a lt. worsted, will give the mitts a bit more room and I will start the pattern further up, like row 8 or so, to cut out a bit of length.  If I knit them for someone else I’ll prolly just knit them as written.

edited to add:  These mittens qualify for three KALs; Warm Hands, Another Weasley, and Stashalong. and  I resorted to having my just turned 6yo take the picture of the mittens . . . yeah, that was fun.



This is what I have been working on since Tuesday, a Knitting Pure & Simple top down sweater for Daughter.  Sorry the colors look so bad in this picture, I promise they aren’t that bad in real life.

first new project of ‘06


This is what I worked on this weekend, my purple Hermione Mittens.  These mittens are for the Another Weasley KAL and since I am making them from stash yarn they qualify for the Stashalong,too.  I was able to finsh the left mitten and about 2/3 of the right mitten.  I really like this pattern and will make it again.  The patterns is quite long and slim, next time I will most likely use a true worsted instead of a light worsted (Cascade 220) as called for in the pattern, just to make it a bit more roomey.  I will also make the cuff a bit shorter, for this one I just fold the ribbed cuff to shorten it. 

Speaking of the Stashalong, why do I keep torturing myself by checking elann.com when I know I’m not buying anything. WHY? 

i am briliant

No, really, I am. Case in point:

About a year ago our DVD player gave out (ok, the kid killed it) and Hubby bought a new (cheap) DVD player.  One really cool thing about this inexpensive DVD player is that it could play zone 2 (european) DVDs.  This meant I could order trinny & susannah: the rules from Amazon UK . . . woohoo.  I bought it, I watched it, the DVD player died and we had to return it, they were sold out so we couldn’t just exchange it.  waaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, no more Trinny & Susannah.

Today I was cleaning off the computer desk and found the DVD, and it dawned on me as I looked at my computer screen, ‘hey, maybe I can play this on my computer’s DVD player.”

IT WORKS, I CAN PLAY THIS DVD ON THE COMPUTER . . . YAHOOOOOOOOO! I AM BRILLIANT! Ok, I loose points for not figuring it out last year.