more socks

I finished off another pair of socks from the Holiday Gift List.

pattern:  based on Gentlemen’s Plain Winter Sock with Dutch Heel from Knitting Vintage Socks, by Nancy Bush
yarn:  Knit Picks Essential Solid – Dusk
needles:  Clover Bamboo US3
cast on:  October 21st  cast off: October 26th 
notes:  These socks are based on the socks from Knitting Vintage Socks because I misread the pattern when I was ordering yarn for the project.  I read the first line of the pattern which says “with yarn doubled, cast on …”  Oh, hey, I thought to myself, these will knit up in a jiff with the yarn doubled.  I ordered the yarn and when it arrived I sat down to start knitting.  “Cut off extra strand of yarn.”  WTF!  The socks are knit with the yarn doubled for the cast on but one strand for the rest of the sock.  But, I have all this sock yarn!  So I went ahead and knit the socks with the yarn doubled and just fiddled with the numbers to make it work.



suicide socks

I died on October 4th with this very cozy pair of ISOD. I haven’t blogged about it because I wasn’t sure what I was going to write, but I guess truth is best. 

When I opened the envelope I laughed.  Yes, I laughed!  For probably ten full minutes.  You see, I can be a bit of a Martha.  How it seems as opposed to how it really is.  I guess it could be seen as being superficial, but I think it is an over compensation for other short comings.  You see, I’m fat.  Not the “gee I feel so fat, I should loose 5lbs” fat, but the “I need to loose another person worth of weight” fat.  I usually get judged as being lazy and stupid before I get two words out of my mouth.  Because if I was smart and would just put the fork down and get up off my fat @ss I wouldn’t be that fat.  Yeah.  So, I overcompensate.  I try show them how great I am, how giving, how funny, how self depricating, how . . . whatever would make them happy.  Pathetic, I know.  Ok, back to the socks.  I opened the envelope and here are these utterly imperfect socks. 

I was shocked!  I mean how could someone send out socks looking like this?  What would people think?!  Then it dawned on me, my assassin worked hard on these socks, she is a new sock knitter and she did her best given the pressure of Sock Wars (people were staying up all night the first night to get their socks in the mail the next day, for gosh sakes, crazy), she took the time to e-mail me several times and we had a bit of a rapport going on, considering she was trying to kill me and all.  It didn’t matter at all that they weren’t perfect, they were perfect enough.  F#ck what people think!  I put them on, and they are the coziest socks I have ever worn.  In fact, I washed them earlier today and I’m wearing them right now.

Two weeks ago I went to Sock Sorority at my LYS and started these socks.   They are for the Holiday Knitting ’06 and will be for one of the BILs, the one who is ‘alergic’ to wool.  The pattern is Gentleman’s Fancy Socks, from Nancy Bush’s, Knitting Vintage Socks. I am using Elann Esprit (cotton/elastic), so I have had to make a couple of modifications, but nothing major.  These socks are takeing FOREVER to knit, no not socks . . . SOCK . . . one singular.  I forgot how long 2×2 rib takes to knit when it’s almost the whole sock is ribbed.

I needed to take a break, and I love my Sock Wars socks so much I decided to make myself another pair, can’t have to many warm house socks when it starts to get cold.  I grabbed a ball of Cascade 220 Superwash and away I went.  Since they are the Socks of Doom and I’m knitting them for myself, I have dubbed them the Suicide Socks.

il est fini


pattern:  French Silk Sock from Knitting Vintage Socks by Nancy Bush
yarn:  Silja sock yarn – 100% superwash wool
needles:  ChiaoGoo 5″ bamboo – US2
started:  April ?     finished: April 24th
notes:  I think this is the first time I have knit socks with acutal sock weight yarn, shocking, I know.  I was a bit afraid of it I think, but I fear it no more.  I wanted to use the single skein of yellow Silja from my stash so I knit these for my daughter with only one repeat of the pattern in the leg for, what I think is, a cute little ankle sock.


socks, socks, socks

I haven’t been posting but I have been knitting, and here’s the proof, a finished pair of socks.


pattern:  CIC Toddler Sock
yarn:  Kraemer Yarns Mauch Chunky – 100% wool
needles:  Clover Bamboo US8
started:  April 18th     finished: April 19th
notes:  Knit as written, but extended 2×2 ribbing down the instep.  Love this pattern, so quick to knit up.


I actually knit up the CIC socks to take a break from the evil socks from hell.  I had a plan: I had one skein of Silja sock yarn in yellow to knit up socks for the daughter.  I knew I wouldn’t be able to make long socks but I planned on making ankle socks with one repeat of the Fancy Silk (Knit Vintage Socks) pattern on the leg, no problem. 

I got stupid. 

I decided I had enough yarn to knit two repeats, so I knit two 12 row repeats, finished the sock, weighed it, weighed the remaining yarn, looked at the sock, “wow” I thoght “that foot looks really long, I bet it’s too long and I’ll have to shorten the foot, then I will have plenty of yarn for the second sock.” 

I had daughter try on the sock.  It. Fit. Perfectly.  It could not have fit better if I had knit it onto her foot, really, it was that perfect.  Shit!  Now I don’t have enough yarn.  I knit up the second sock with ONE repeat in the leg and had to borrow from the first sock to finishe the last few rows of the toe.  Now I have to rip back to the first repeat in the leg of the first sock and reknit the rest of it.

oh, well, it’s about the process . . . right?