saddle shoulder sweater


pattern:  Saddle Shoulder Sweater from Knitting Without Tears
yarn:  Mission Falls 1824 Wool – Denim and Putty
Cascade 220 Superwash – Red – for hems
needles:  Clover Bamboo
cast on: March 2nd  cast off: March 11th
notes:  I loved knitting this sweater.  I actually had to reknit the sweater after finishing the arms and getting a couple of inches into the body.  The yarn I had in stash was from before Mission Falls closed and reopened, and I started to panic that I wouldn’t have enough to finish the sweater, with no way of getting another skein in the same dye lot.  If I had been knitting a yoked sweater I could have added color into the yoke with no problem, but it would have looked very strange on the saddle shoulder.  I picked up the putty yarn at a LYS and added some stripes to the body and arms.  I’m glad I did as it would have been very close and I don’t think my heart could have taken it.  Then again if I had knit the body of the sweater a little shorter, I prolly would have been okay, but I like the longer length.  I did have to fudge a bit on the shoulder/neck decreases since I wanted a larger opening for his pun’kin head.  All in all, I would knit another EZ sweater in a second, loved the whole process, even with the ripping and the grafting.




it's all over but the grafting . . .

Bubba’s EZ Saddle Shoulder sweater is almost finished.   The ends are woven in, the hems are sewn, just have to graft the underarms.  Bubba had a fitting this morning, just so I could be sure it would fit over his pun’kin head.  It fit, no worries.


Bubba  really liked all the yarn ends hanging out of his sleeves.

“Look mamma! I flapping, I flying!”

The sweater is now done, except for the grafting . . .


The Tomten is finished at last.


pattern:  Tomten by Elizabeth Zimmermann
yarn:  Dulaan Avalanche Yarn 
cast on:  December ’06   cast off:  January 31st
notes:  Bubba isn’t frowning, he’s saying cheese, sort of.  This is one warm/heavy jacket and I forgot how much yarn garter stitch eats up.  I prolly could have used less buttons, but I didn’t want it to gap in the cold Mongolian winters. 



so much yarn, so little time

There is so much going on in the blogsphere.

Sock Wars:  I have my target, I have my weapon and I know who is hunting me.  I have some built in lag time (time in the mail) as my assasin is in the UK, but my target is in Australia, so she has some lag time too.  I have finished the first sock without too much trouble, I only had to rip the heel and partial gusset a few times.  I know, I need to learn to read.  Can you believe some people have already put their socks in the mail, the pattern was released on Friday.  There has been one reported kill, those socks were handed off in person yesterday. 

Soctoberfest is just around the corner.  I am so excited about this one, it was so much fun last year.  I have several pairs of socks I need to knit up for the Holiday Knitting ’06 and will try to complete them in October.


For me these two go together.  Dulaan Project 2007 has been officially kicked off and I will be doing much EZ knitting for Dulaan.  I was lucky(?) enough to be able to attend the Yarn Giveaway at Ryan’s and I have plenty of super bulky yarn to knit into very warm Tomten Jackets and hats.  I was impressed with the fact that the hostesses of Zimmermania! actually contacted Meg Swansen for permisson to hold the KAL, how classy is that.

I received three EZ books for my b’day last week, very cool!  I am all set for Zimmermania! now.

On the knitting front, Quinn has been set aside while I finish the Socks of Doom for Sock Wars. I am almost done with Quinn, just have a couple of rows left on the body, then on to the 16′ of 2 stitch i-cord. Sixteen feet!